After the Overbridge debacle I doubt that we will get an ETA for anything from Elektron ever again.

It’s ready, when it’s ready …


Haha. Maybe of you buy another rytm youll get a quattro vco then.


Yeah sorry i didnt read up on the overbridge case until recently, as i have had both the analog4 and the rytm, and ob worked for neither. Usb midi works fine though.

Just bought the digitone, which kicks ass, so a little bit hyped for Ob again.

Will New ob be for rytm mk1 aswell?


I thought so, but the Overbridge page at the Elektron site only lists the following devices:

Digitone / Digitakt / Analog Four MKII / Analog Heat / Analog Rytm MKII / Analog Keys

… Hmmmm. That would be quite strange if the MKI devices wouldn’t be supported by the upcoming Overbridge version …

Even stranger, because the AR MKI OS update got delayed due to the pending Overbridge release …


Even stranger, since the analog Keys Is Just an a4 mk1 with Keys, No?

It Would be really Nice to have ob working (without kzzzzz noises and clicks as Is my problem) to record separate outs.
Was a deciding factor when i bought the thing a few years back.
Ive since Come to love it for what it Is and forgot about overbridge, but now that we speak of it, it Would be Nice of elektron to fix the thing.
And the dual vcos ha ha, but hey. Its cool as Is.

Maybe they learned to not promise before the bear Is shot, as the proverb goes.


No… and a joystick, and individual stereo voice outs, a few extra buttons for less menu diving, and deeper bass response.
More bass forward than A4, and A4 MK1 is more mids forward.


@AdamJay Sure, but cpu/techspec-wise its the same?
On the tonic of why the a4 and rytm mk1 dont appear on the list of ob ver2 upgrades-to-be’s


That’s only because they are not current products.

But let’s keep it on-topic, new OB and DVCO are both planned for AR mk1/2, this is well known


All the more happy for it. Elektron ftw!


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Good thread, its clear to me now. Eagerly awaiting the mk2 update :slight_smile:


Would be nice to see this come to life for the MK1 or get some sort of feed back as to what “soon” means. 6 months…a year?


I’m guessing before 2019


Technically speaking they’re DCO’s not VCO’s here right?



No, they are VCOs. DCOs use a digital counter for generating the waveform.
The VCOs on the Rytm receive CV (voltage!) from a digital source (with DAC) - that doesn’t make them DCOs.


Maybe it‘s just me, but if I were a prospective customer, I‘d be convinced dual VCO is already available on both MK1 and MK2 after watching Elektron‘s own official video at https://youtu.be/2Wu1BJWk8-k (2min 49sec in). Mindboggling, really.


Yeah it’s a really good idea to keep talking about it. That’ll FOR SURE calm us down. :wink:


I’m really no expert, nor party to insider facts, but I thought DCOs produced/shaped the waveform in the same manner as as a VCO but that there was more control over tuning stability by deriving the frequency aspects from digital control rather than component activity. They’re both analog oscillators, but one is intrinsically more stable.

I’m not sure if the Analog Four is the same tech, but I’d surprised that Elektron didn’t then ask @smokyfrog to rephrase his review of their first Analog device to arguably enhance its prestige somewhat (he reviews the A4 as being a DCO synth) … also reiterated in this review here fwiw … One thing’s for sure, the RYTM does have tastier sounding open oscillators, but I’d been putting this down to other aspects

Perhaps though the need to keep the box powered up for 2 hours prior to calibration confirms that it’s indeed a VCO design as you’d obviously know in any case - curious to hear if anything’s different wrt the A4 and if the article raised eyebrows back then or whether it is a subtler delineation given that the marketing was all about digital control iirc