Does anyone know how to create a sustained note? Set decays to max and adjust the amp envelope?



Its the note length in the same page that the trigs are on -i think i am not at the rytm at the moment


sure is


Yup - figured it out. You have to set the decay on the synth page to max. Then use the Note Length and AMP envelope to set the number of steps.

The Dual VCO is pretty awesome right now. Takes my MK1 to a whole other level. Good stuff.


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Ive been putting off upgrading OS to the dual VCO because Overbridge is a big part of my workflow as in using the audio streaming mostly. I haven’t heard anything of late on OB 2 so Im considering buying a adat pre amp to add to my soundcard so I can use all the external outs of the Rytm per channel and update to dual VCO.

I was wondering if someone could post some examples of dual vco kick and bass designs to help me decide if its worth it to do this or if I should just wait for ob2.



Those guys have some nice patches going on in that bank.
Worth the bucks IMO

Btw dual vco are a really cool addition to the rytm, making for me a central piece of my work flow !


i think you’ve just sold me on it… will be going ahead shame about ob2 though :expressionless:


I went for the same solution, adat preamp, works just fine.
there are a couple of solution to help you doing autmations, if you use live4max.
OB will be a nice addition, but i think it would be even a better addition if its solid when released.


Dual VCO is worth it


I’m curious, which track are most people using for DVCO in a full kit? It seems almost incomprehensible giving up my BD, but the BT does a pretty solid job as a kick in a pinch. Both the SD and RS/CP (I’m just going to assume that the DVCO will steal the oscillators the whole time) seem fairly central to most drum kits as well. I’m leaning towards replacing my SD since I don’t use it as much as CP, and I’ll have some flexibility with having the RS track too.


I’ve ended up not using it much, since I have lots of other synth options. But, when I do use it, I seem to drop it mostly in the SD slot. Then my snares go into the next 2 slots. Often a snare and a clap or 2 different snares, which I don’t generally need to sound together.


just got it downloaded fun and tuff sounding !!
my 1st test jamming only rytm sounds used… dcvo on the snare and rim channels


People seem to love the dual vco for bass. I haven’t been using it much as I can’t really get it to play in tune with the rest of my setup. When I asked elektron about it they confirmed that the tuning change quite a bit between octaves. If there was a fine tune parameter it would be possible to p-lock the tuning. Am I the only one feeling this problem? How are people getting around this?


what I really love about the DVCO is when you crank up the resonance and the sound can get really grazy. Love that!


Having the same problem.
There is too much drift (on my unit anyway). Calibration help at first but its always temporary since temperature varies in time. Using tow OSCs is tricky since they drift so much.

DSI use a table to store different temp value / tuning value but i dont think Elektron use the same technic.

A nice addition for additional noise and stuff but not really a multi purpose mono synth imo.


You can play it sequenced just fine, just p-lock the tune per step.


Thanks:) I feel less alone now lol