Does anyone know how to create a sustained note? Set decays to max and adjust the amp envelope?



Its the note length in the same page that the trigs are on -i think i am not at the rytm at the moment


sure is


Yup - figured it out. You have to set the decay on the synth page to max. Then use the Note Length and AMP envelope to set the number of steps.

The Dual VCO is pretty awesome right now. Takes my MK1 to a whole other level. Good stuff.


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Ive been putting off upgrading OS to the dual VCO because Overbridge is a big part of my workflow as in using the audio streaming mostly. I haven’t heard anything of late on OB 2 so Im considering buying a adat pre amp to add to my soundcard so I can use all the external outs of the Rytm per channel and update to dual VCO.

I was wondering if someone could post some examples of dual vco kick and bass designs to help me decide if its worth it to do this or if I should just wait for ob2.



Those guys have some nice patches going on in that bank.
Worth the bucks IMO

Btw dual vco are a really cool addition to the rytm, making for me a central piece of my work flow !


i think you’ve just sold me on it… will be going ahead shame about ob2 though :expressionless:


I went for the same solution, adat preamp, works just fine.
there are a couple of solution to help you doing autmations, if you use live4max.
OB will be a nice addition, but i think it would be even a better addition if its solid when released.


Dual VCO is worth it