DT to Rytm workflow


I know there are several threads on this, but I have a specific question.
How do you compare the workflow between Rytm and Digitakt? I have seen several videos, and it looks more or less the same to me. Or am I missing something? Also how do you compare the analog filter and overdrive with the DT filter and overdrive? And about the delay and reverb?

I am thinking about changing to Rytm, mostly because of the performances and scenes. Pattern change options seem really cool and the ability to save and load kits sounds like heaven.
the func+mutes to select several mutes before muting will also make jamming easier I think. I’m not that interested in the analog machines, and am very happy with samples and sampling like the DT.

What I do love about the Digitakt is the fast and intuitive workflow. and this is something I think I don’t want to compromise. especially in the process of creating grooves. I care less about complexity to set up project configuration or scenes or anything which comes between the initial creative wave and the performing.

What I don’t use in the Digitakt is midi sequencing, and the track ALL function is do sometimes use, but I would much prefer the performance function of the Rytm.

So, Is the Rytm workflow as easy and intuitive as the DT? The only reason I am still doubting a lot is the form factor. I would love to end up keeping the DT because of space and organisation of my live setup.
as I just have been lucky, money is not a deciding factor…


From my experience with owning the Rytm for 6 years, it’s definitely easy to get a groove going and get the basic drum machine functionality out of it. Once you dig deep and start programming scenes and performance pads it really takes things into unexpected territories. Samples take on a certain character from the signal flow which I really enjoy, theres so many parameters to mess with!

I’ve only briefly messed with a friends DT but it was a similar concept to using my Rytm. If you’ve got the workflow of the DT down you’ll be up and running with the Rytm in no time. However, things like song mode, saving architecture, and sample/sound management may bewilder newcomers. I’m still learning new techniques for sound design after all these years!

It’s a seriously deep machine that rewards those who experiment, the analog machines are capable of so much more than traditional drum sounds.


I have the exact same question, i only use the digitakt for sampling, so the 8 midi channels are basicly wasted for me. The one thing keeping me from switching to the rytm is that i understood the finetuning of sample start/end point (essential for my workflow) is less refined on the rytm. Can anyone elaborate on this?


Just got into elektron gear last year, bought a DT first then an AR2 about two months ago.

If you find the DT easy and intuitive I think you’ll find the AR very easy to jump into. As a relative noob I found almost everything I could do on the DT I could do on the AR within a few days.

There are more buttons on the AR so some of the slightly buried DT features (retrig) are easier to use. The workflow is not 100% 1:1 (for example on the DT if you just press a trig you can edit parameters but on the AR you have to press the Trk button + trig you want to edit). There are a few things the DT does that the AR doesn’t but I don’t think anything major vs what you get on the AR.

It also sounds like you know about some of the added benefits (kit saving, etc…) of the AR.

I’m keeping both as I like the 8 added voices and do use the midi. If these aren’t beneficial to you I think you’ll be fine.

Edit: also I know you said you’re not interested in the analog machines but they add a lot to this instrument… really great synth engine if you enjoy synthesis and have a desire to tweak your own drum sounds.

Also the AR overdrive adds a LOT at very low amounts, I think it’s a bit more aggressive than the DT


You don’t get the wave representation of start/stop/loop points, it’s only the “knob” view


thanks! I am definitely pulling the trigger on the Rytm. I think I’m gonna keep the DT too at first, and see where it goes… I hope I’ll like the overdrive, because I really really like the gentle overdrive on the DT!

And I gladly give up the graphics for the performance tools… although it is a nice feature.


Hmmmm … when you are not that interested in the analog machines (which is the central feature of the Rytm beside the pads), have you considered the Octatrack?

Using the Rytm as sampler is IMHO a step backwards and no improvement (not counting kits and performance features of course), but the Octatrack is in all regards an upgrade. Stereo sampling, slice mode, on the fly and/or programable resampling and much more.

For performances there is the slider and scenes, it supports up to 64GB memory, it has cue out and 4 inputs etc.pp.

IMHO the OT would be the logical upgrade (when it’s not about the analog machines).


I will buy the octatrack too. Mainly for sampling my instruments in loops and using longer samples. Can’t wait to try this out! But I also need a drum machine. 8 tracks on the octatrack is not enough anyway. Now I use the DT and a boss rc-505 for looping live stuff. The octatrack will be an upgrade for this… For quick drum programming I think rytm is much nicer. And will be killer combo with octatrack!!! And although analog drum machines is not on my short list, I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun with this :slight_smile:
And I also want an analog four to complete the company. I’ve been wanting this for a long time too.


Ah, I see :smiley:

That’s for sure.


64gb? You meant MB right?


The OT supports up to a 64gb cf card.


No, I meant 64GB, but memory in the meaning of storage/persistent memory (in comparison to the 1GB +drive). Sorry, if that was a little bit unprecise.


I have them both. They are different enough to keep the two. They complement each other and sit in different sonic territory.

I prefer the DT for samples and fx. And kicks and drums are far warmer and rounder from the rytm…


Really? Is it the overdrive and filter that make the samples sound so different? You scare me a little bit because I love warm sounds and very rarely use harsh sounds… But I’ll see. The performances options and kits do it for me. This is something I don’t like about the DT, that when I change a sound in one pattern, I have to copy the change to all patterns where I use this sound. As I am constantly changing things around and creating several patterns, this takes a lot of time.


I am reading on this thread Samples on Rytm compared to Digitakt
That the DT sounds way cleaner that rytm. Is this also for the mk2?


I don’t have a DT but I have an OT and Rytm and I think samples sound amazing on Rytm. Below is the signal flow for Rytm, the samples go through a lot of analog circuitry including overdrive, filter, distortion, and compressor. This gives them a sort of warm big analog coloring but it’s in a really nice way that sounds very tasty. I like it so much I’ve pondered trying a Heat on my OT to see if it brings a little of that flavor. There’s a lot of gain staging on the Rytm so it’s easy to have samples play clean as in non distorted, but there’s always a bit of its mojo workin.

Basically the samples get colored in a really nice way and they can be clean just not surgically digitally transparent like a high end interface or something, but the point of the device is to color it in that good way, because it sounds fantastic!


Dont be scared…in fact with the 2 devices you can play any sample through the rytm…give it that warm analogue imprint…record it…then export it to the DT. Ha…

Yes i think its the filter mainly that colours the sound, with all other effects off and just the filter effecting the sound there is a big analogue character imprinted on the sound. I sampled an osc from a volca bass and play it through the rytm using the filer plocks and its more analogue sounding than my moogs…

If you feed the DT alot of analogue samples its not that cold. I sampled a heap of my sub 37 into it and just use the DTs digital filter to shape the sound and it sounds very analogue and warm.

Not being able to see the wave form is not a deal breaker. You just learn to stop listening with your eyes.

Its going to be great. You will love them both…


I always found myself running my dt into my analog mixer hot to warm it up. sounded lovely.
the Rytm distortion n compression are great, it sounds boss.
personally I don’t gel with the rytm interface. I’m. just not into mpc style pads or the performance n scene UI but that’s just me. I love the sound of it tho.