DT limitations


I’m really not sure why people are so obsessed with having The One Self-Contained Box That Does It All. I get the appeal from a theoretical inspiration standpoint, I guess, but why is there an obsession with working in one modality when a variety of approaches complimenting each other can be so powerful and fun?

I use my Digitakt alongside Bitwig Sampler, PO-33, and Mannequin’s w/, (edit: forgot the Organelle too), all of which are recorders/samplers (to various degrees) that have different capabilities, feature sets and ways of working. Why this monastic attempt to work entirely within one box that must do everything or else it fails as a concept entirely? Why do we demand this from instrument designers?


Well put and I couldn’t agree more.


Agree, especially since quite often more options are just exhausting. Ask anyone who has ever struggled to work out what the hell their OT is doing and why, or sat in front of a blank Ableton project with a folder full of great VSTs and no inspiration.


this is the main thing I try to point out when asked why DT is not a copy of an OT, they are not the same instrument. DT is not an MPC or Ableton or Pro Tools, its a DT. In the same way how a Bass is not a Guitar and a Bari Sax is not a Soprano Sax.

Its so important to know exactly what you are buying and what role it will fill in your setup or else there will always be a feature missing.


Though I agree with your post, I’m one that would love just one almost perfect box. After an over complicated day, my enjoyment is simplicity.


“simplicity” and “does everything in a single box” seem mutually exclusive though!


I Don’t know about that, anything can be simple if you take the time to learn it.

Anyways I don’t want to derail a seemingly already derailed thread.


OK. I like the simplicity. But if I want to program a bass sequence, with my midi controller, I cannot use modulation wheel, neither pitch bend …
Worse, if I want to use my midi keyboard to play a simple lead, those informations are filtered out by the digitakt …

I’ve never seen something so frustrating. Is this limitation on purpose ? For creativity ? Use only note on/off, is it a limitation to be creative ?

I think I would have love the box otherwise, but this is too hard to make do.


I love my digitakt. The sound is so good that i feel like breakin it. And that’s what i do. That’s my limitation, while the digitakt is still running naked and free in the forests of Finland