DT can't trigger the Akai XR20

Hello Folks. I want to trigger my akai xr20 over Midi with my DT. But it dosen’t work. My Settings schould be ok. I test the Midi Out and In via Ableton. I can trigger the xr20 over Ableton with the DT when I go over my Midi Interface. The settings of the Machines are not changed for the Test Does anyone have a DT and an Akai XR 20 running together?

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@tm313, welcome to the forum.

Are you just using a simple MIDI cable between the DT MIDI out and XR20 MIDI in?


from the manual:


Hello Adam.
I use one Midi Cable. I Set all to MIDI. I tried different Cables and Settings.

the usual stuff…

on the midi channel on DT , have you gone through each midi channel out ? (1 to 16)

press track Midi A
goto midi channel , hold func , press midi channel encoder so that it changes from a box to a number , set to 1 , press encoder ?
and tried any notes , chrromatic mode etc.

have you got digitakt triggering any other external midi device ? with midi out from Midi socket A on DT .

if you send sync from digitakt , does it start a seq on xr20 ?

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I seem to remember the DT midi notes not lining up with notes on some old Yamaha gear I had. I had to offset the notes by an octave or two I believe. Maybe it’s the same issue.

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Yes. I do all these Settings right. I can trigger other Gear with these Settings. The Midi Monitor says it works perfectly.
The XR20 reseves nothing from the DT, no clock, no notes. Clock and Notes from Ableton works fine with XR.

just to check connections , can you get xr20 sending note/tempo to Digitakt ?

seems weird but its probably a tick box in a menu somewhere.

Yes. The XR can trigger and clock the DT. No Problems. I checked the Manual of the XR. The Settings must be right. It is really weird.

are any DT parameters set to zero ?

velocity ?
gate length ?
track muted ? (try a new clean track , check quick mute , pattern mute or whatever the different versions of mute are ).
try a brand new project.
things like that ?.

Yes. I do all these things. I also installed the latest Firmware twice.

Im having the same issue as well. Have you gotten it to wok yet ?

Gonna pull out my xr20 and connect it to my dt today, let you guys know the results later.