DT bug reports - OS 1.01

I have this problem as well. I was sure I was doing something wrong so was going to try again tonight. It was quite frustrating. (Just to clarify: this is in the sample menu).

I also had a separate, unrelated issue where I loaded a new project, added samples, and while the samples play back when I hit the trig keys and I see the line moving, in the source menu, there was no waveform displayed for seven of the eight trigs.

  • the audio tracks don’t seem to react to incoming MIDI notes on their channels while you have selected one of the MIDI tracks - can anybody confirm?

I had this problem yesterday, but today it worked fine, so either the new project I created had a problem or I was doing something wrong.

This is a confirmed bug with Elektron if anyone encounters it.

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Had the issue of the high-pitch squeeling lock up… had to do with being synced to midi clock and playing a sound in chromatic mode. Yuck.


Can anyone replicate this one? Record trigs in realtime chromatic mode. Still in realtime, tweak filter cutoff. Recorded trigs loose pitch information, but according to the sequencer they still have pitch data recorded.

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Ahh. I see what’s happening. Trigless locks don’t carry the pitch information over.


I had a simpler issue I kept having yesterday when sequencing external gear. If i didn’t have a midi channel assigned to a midi track my unit would do this. Once I assigned a channel to the midi track this stopped.

Hey so I’m experiencing the same thing. Could you briefly explain what the steps you did to fix this were? I’m sure I won’t be the only one who will have this issue and I’m sure your answer will help me/others.


Sorry, which issue?

(And anyone else it may concern)

Sounds are not Samples.

Sounds are stored patches from a Track, meaning all parameters from which Sample is being used to the LFO modulation applied. You can save these settings as a Sound to load into any other Track from any Project.

Unfortunately we did not have time to make Factory Sounds, so they will be coming in the next OS version available.

There are however 480 Factory Samples that you may find in the Sample Manager.
Simply press the button with the Cog wheel icon (Global) and select “Samples”, here you will find all the samples on the device.


Other possible bugs:

Could someone confirm?

  1. In chromatic mode, steps 1, 4, and 8 are not available. The blue LED doesn’t light up and the notes don’t play. I thought I might have hit some setting by accident, but I loaded the default project that shipped with the unit and it has the same issue on all tracks. :frowning:

  2. I can’t get midi to record either when hitting the keys/pads on the box I’m sequencing or in chromatic mode. I am able to sequence by choosing note per step, but that’s not ideal. I’m not sure if it’s something I’m doing a wrong or if this is a bug.

  3. I’m not sure if this is a bug, but the midi notes (e.g. C1, etc) that are supposedly assigned to the pads of my external sampler do not correspond to the midi notes on the chromatic keyboard in Digitakt. I can trigger the sound on my external sampler, but I have to identify and use different notes. It was a real pain to find the notes lol.

The Chromatic mode is laid out like a piano keyboard. Bottom row is white keys, top row is black. So the unlit buttons represent the gaps where there are no black keys.

  1. works fine … but you know you have to use the realtime-record mode?
  2. yes there is a 2 Oktave offset … C1 on the DT is C3 in real world
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  1. possibly needs auto channel
  2. c-2 to g8 is also a well established standard for midi notes 0-127
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Thanks for the clarification! So is it normal that if I just turn it on and press play on one of the named patterns there will be no sound until I go into the +drive to assign samples to the patterns?

Also one other quick question just to make sure my unit is fine. In the button test mode in the boot menu when I press the kick button the whole screen is lit up and when I press the snare button the whole screen goes dark. Is this normal behavior?

Please feel free to delete my post if need be.

Thanks. The two octave thing nailed it. F#1 on the SU10 corresponds to F#3 on the Digitakt.

If I have F#3 selected and record in chromatic mode, everything works fine. If I have another root note selected (like F#1), the sounds play back fine in chromatic mode, but doesn’t record the proper notes in the sequencer so it just plays silence. Anyway, with the proper root note selected all works fine. Phew. That took forever to figure out. I hope this helps someone else.

Also, I have no idea what an auto channel is? I see it is set at 14 on the Digitakt in the midi menu, but I don’t see a way to set any kind of auto channel on my external sampler. Guess that’s a problem for another day. I need to get to bed. Lol.

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The process for loading the preset samples into the patterns. Right now all I have is silence with sequencer data.

Was using it to MIDI sequence another synth and after about an hour the DT froze and I couldn’t do anything.

More specifically: MIDI DIN cable out to JU-06’s MIDI in. Recorded 64 step pattern. Started playing the sequence. Then I selected another track. Hit the stop button a couple of times in a row and it froze.

the AutoChannel is the Channel the DT receives MidiOn for the selected track … the output of the Channel is defined in the Source Page