DSP Room Correction

Has anyone here experience with DSP Room Correction and measurement. There seem to be a lot of options. There is for example stuff like Sonarworks. But that seems to be only good for mixing, because it runs on your computer and doesn´t affect your hardware stuff if you doesn´t route it through the computer. Then there is Hardware stuff like miniDSP but I don´t really know if this is good stuff.

Can those Stuff also correct the phase or just the EQ Curve? Does it work with a subwoofer system.

Neumann and Genelec offer DSP in their newest Monitors, which seems to be the smartest way to correct, but it also seems to be the most expensive one.

any thoughts?

I don’t try to bother much in creative mode, just make music. I do have to mention that i record multitrack to pc otherwise room correction is kinda necessary with hardware. Software like Sonarworks, although it’s just a few mS, comes with latency. That’s no problem for me in mixing stage. No experience with dsp corrections but i like the way Sonarworks is flattening the eq curve based on measurements with supplied and calibrated :microphone:. When I start using it I regret I didn’t spend money on such stuff earlier.
A real corrected space will be the best option but Thats a complete other price tag. Mixes translate way better and you might really benefit from speeding up your mixing process, different choices with eq and all. Also you learn visually and by ear what might need adjustment with acoustics. Although I visited pro studio’s where Sonarwork just made clear that the room was nearly perfect. That’s nice too know too.

All yes (for Sonarworks )

[quote=“Monobear, post:1, topic:102235”]
Then there is Hardware stuff like miniDSP but I don´t really know if this is good stuff.
[/quote] is digital too so in my personal opinion it doesn’t matter that much if you use this or a pc to run hardware audio through monitors, weakest link is quality of Audio interface/addac in both setups.
I have a feeling mini DSP is not primarily developed for producers and near field monitors like Sonarworks is.

I actually like the idea of not care in creative mode and just use sonarworks on mixing. regarding latency. Shure software stuff takes a few mS but in Hardware in should only be an EQ thing. Don´t know if there is analog zero latency multiband EQ digitally controlled maybe. I mean I´m pretty shure there is no latency on Genelecs 83 SAM Series, or is there?

Some answers here:

I would like to improve my monitoring system with better room acoustics and monitor levels while recording. Any way to go about it?

Hmm. I know the new IK iLoud MTM monitors have built-in room correction DSP… you use a mic to calibrate them. Seems like an efficient way to do it. I have no idea how effective it is, they haven’t been out long.

i found this today, has somebody tried it already and can report?