Drum Machine suggestions


Both are in this video

Id rather buy an mk1 OT instead of another drum machine


Always happy to see a Venetian Snares video so thanks for that. Also I’ve already got an Octatrack mk1 but I rarely use it as a drum machine (although I have a had a lot of fun chopping up breaks with it). Maybe I’ll just load up a bunch of 606 samples, play with it for a week and see if I’m still pining for a TT-606.


I agree that the OT is a great drum machine.


Sure it is limited, but so are many classic drum machines. If it fits your taste then it is a great value, and with individual outputs, you can take the sound to other interesting places.

Keep in mind, also, that the TT-606’s sequencer sends MIDI notes. With the roll feature and pattern memory, it makes a great sequencer for other gear (Nord Drum, Audiothingies DoubleDrummer), etc.


To your comment, about the TT closer to a TR 606 with distortion, i’m not sure that;s a thing cause my TR is as clean as a whistle. I’ve not heard them side by side but i reckon they’re pretty close. The only reason i keep the TR is for the hats, they’ve a groove that is hard to define. In the same vein but with a lot more punch, the Acidlab Drumatix would be my go to drum machine for meat and potatoes electro if i was buying these days.

Another appoach to your initial problem though is to sequence the MD with something a bit more powerful. I’ve been using the pyramid squarp to sequence my older, less sequencer sophisticated machines and that’s a good option. There;s got to be a bunch of cheaper options too, maybe with a zaquencer or something? Could be a mix of sequencers - MD plus augmented sequencers that bring in the variety you are seeking.


Good point. I went over to a friends’s house last night and played around with his TT-606 to test it out. It really does sound good and the sequencer is simple to use while still having enough tricks up its sleeve to make it fun. Definitely still considering it.


Oh I made the mistake of looking into the Endorphin.es Blck Noir and now I’m gassing hard.


Since I’ve basically hijacked this thread for my own drum machine questions - has anyone tried the MFB Tanzmaus OR heard/tried the new MFB 301 pro. That 301 looks really fun as a cheap analog expander for the Machinedrum. The Tanzmaus demos sound awesome to me but the interface seems a little… tricky to say the least.


I like what I’ve heard of the 301 pro, but that’s not much as there are hardly any demos out there