Drum Machine suggestions


I think I might join you in that impulse buy! I’m wondering if they still come with the included Decksaver/travel case…


I’m wondering the same because it’s not listed on the Perfect Circuit website. If you wait, I can let you know if those items are included. Also if you do buy it, use the promo code “thanks10” saved me 10% it was $343 total.


The TT 606 sounds really cool. At least something different from the ubiquitious 808, 909.
If I ever buy a drummachine it will be a machinedrum. Or the Digi version of it, we’re all waiting for :slight_smile:


Thank you! I saw the 10% thing too. Hopefully they’re included. I emailed them and asked so I’ll let you know if they write back today. Wish there weren’t taxes to be paid!


I’m thinking the 606 I may fall in love with here. I love my machinedrum to death and would probably never sell it, but this will be nice to have an extra drum machine. Another good thing is that it doesn’t have clicky buttons so I can play with it in bed and not wake the wife. :blush:


Just keep in mind that the hats and cymbal on the TT-606, while giving you various different flavors to choose from inside the unit, are still a bit different than the TR-606.
They lack the high mix of noise in the classic TR-606 hat sound. A simple $30 boost or overdrive (but not fuzz or distortion) pedal will get you there if you need that sound.

I run the hats and cymbal (and rimshot) all together out of the main output, into a Moog MF Boost, but even a cheap Fulltone OCD knockoff would get the job done.


Good advice. Maybe I could run it through my Bass Station II overdrive / distortion. Or possibly my Digitone. I may not even process them afterwards if I like them on their own.


Bad news, case and Decksaver aren’t included. Not a huge deal but definitely disappointing. It takes away from it’s portability a bit without those things.


Don’t know why Elektron don’t make a Digital drum synth in DT format, would sell by the boat load.



My new (to me) A4 does pretty nice analog drums, but that would be humongous and expensive just for a drum machine. I often start with it for drums, sample that into the OT, then go back to using the A4 as a synth, but would love a nice dedicated drum machine at some point


I still think the Rytm is low-key one of the best things on the market at present. The price for new is a bit steep, but I very much believe it’s worth it (especially now with the control inputs).

I can’t think of another device in its class that gives you the level of expression that it does. The main downside I ever saw as being remotely valid was the limited sonic palette, but I’m of the firm belief that that is no longer the case, post-DVCO.

Of course, used MK1 prices are still unconscionably low. :laughing:


So finally received my Cyclone Analogic TT-606. Here’s my initial thoughts.

This thing is groovy! The hihats have a type of play in them which makes them groove much more than my MD hihats even without swing, not sure what that is. The “roll” feature is great for adding 1/32nd rolls which I absolutely adore. The Toms are great fun and the handclap sounds extremely good to my ears. Snare is pretty solid as well. The BD is tight but the lack of decay makes it less desirable. No worries though as I can use my MD for those duties.

I actually ran the TT-606 through the input of my MD and applied some reverb which sound pretty sweet. On top of that, using the RAM record and playback is a fun addition, getting that 12 bit sound applied to the TT-606 gets it crusty boy!

The machine itself is well built, ultra light weight and portable. It did have the decksaver and carry case included as well. Doesn’t look as bad in person , but it’s not great looking machine. It is laid out very logically.

This is a great secondary drum machine, but I don’t think I could ever just work with it alone in a track. It’s not a super deep box like my MD, but it is straight forward and to the point. Sometimes that’s just what I need. Can’t wait to run melodies, textures, and basslines with it. That will be the ultimate test to see how it integrates. Loving it so far! The different instruments work very well with each other. I’ll post some tracks here soon.


Thanks for the thoughts! Cool to hear your thoughts after finally getting it. Also, you got it from perfect circuit and it came with the Decksaver and case? That’s awesome! They told me it didn’t. I wonder what happened…


First run with the Cyclone Analogic TT-606. Apologies for the beat not being the best, just trying to fill it out. I’m liking the way this drum machine grooves so far, has a nice feel to it. Hi hats are great! Gotta be careful because they can get metallic and it goes into the higher registers. Loving it so far.


Second Run with the Cyclone Analogic TT-606. This time around, a little more simple of a compostion. This is all TT-606 for the drums. Enjoy!


great demos


Thanks! I’m really digging this machine so far! Demos were a little bass heavy I feel, plus the clicking envelope in the first track. Just wanted to upload something quick though.