Drum Machine suggestions


People said that about the LXR not the tt-606 right?


Sold my MD just because I cycle through gear.

TT-606 is the only drum machine I ever bought, then sold, then bought again, though.

Very quick and very immediate.


Great. @AdamJay just sold me a TT-606. Also all the love that @Prints has for it in the official thread I’m reading. This will be the most impulse buy item I’ve ever purchased. Got it down to $343 total through Perfect Circuit. Sitting in the damn cart at the moment. Ugh…wife’s gonna be mad. :sunglasses:


606 is well known specially for the hihat sound. It’s one of the best imho, sits very well in a mix. I had the Beat Bot TT-78 from Cyclone and although it’s not the prettiest it was a lot of fun to use and great value for the price.

You can also check out the Acidlab version of the 606, the Drumatix, it has an additional BD and SD from the 808 and a very nice sounding clap. But it’s not that cheap.


Well, just ordered the TT-606. It ticked way too many boxes and sounds exceptional! Love the play in the hihats. Can’t wait to get it!

Thanks everybody for making suggestions. I never really looked at this as a viable solution, but after being educated I’ve changed my tune. The fact that it’s small, analog, has many fill / roll options, and the right price is pretty much what sold me.


Jings… I’m too late to the recommendation party!! I’ll be first to congratulate you on the 606!! It’s a great sounding machine… always loved the hats but in the last year came to really love the kick and snare too. Only thing holding me back from it is the very specific sound and I tend to use gear that’s more flexible but with a healthy helping of 606 samples…


I’m trying to decide between a tt-606 and Sonic Potions LXR. I’ve had most of the other drum machines listed here, and played the tt-606. Never played an LXR! I miss my Machinedrum.


If you miss the Machinedrum, why not buy that one?


Interesting topic! I also can’t decide which drum machine to buy. I really like the sound of the Vermona DRM1 MK3, but the TR-8s is very versatile…the sound of the TT-606 is also really nice (i like the 606 sounds in general). Hard to decide, all have Pro and Cons. At the moment i try to build drums with the Digitone + Heat.

Let us know how you like the TT-606. :slight_smile:


Yea, I may have accidentally replied to the wrong thread. I mean lxr


Trying to save money😕


Digitone is pretty cool for drums, it doesn’t take me quite where I want to go sound-wise. My Machinedrum is fairly digital sounding, the Digitone’s drums slightly more so to my ear. I can imagine the heat adds some nice warmth to it. Big plus is the fact that you can bank different variations of sounds in the sound pool and sound lock them. I’ve done this with arpeggiated hihats to switch multipliers on the fly. Nice for fills and such!

Will report back here when I receive the TT-606. I can’t wait, this is my first analog drum machine I’ve purchased!


Understand totally. The cheapest I’ve seen Machinedrum’s go for lately is $600-650. That’s typically for MK 2, non-uw. Might be able to find a mk1 for even less. Sometimes Guitar Center sells them for decent price, but you’ll pay tax. Good return policy though.

The TT-606 was a total impulse buy for me because I’d just sold some other gear and made a little over $200, I only came out of pocket a little over $100. That made me feel not so guilty. I’ve always been into the 808 / 909 sound but the 606 never crossed my mind. Now I realize it’s all over many of my favorite artists catalogues.

I’ve been jonesing for a second drum machine for awhile now. Also after seeing Elektron dropping the Model:Samples , I was interested, but it didn’t seem the right fit for what I wanted. And it would have been at least $100 more. No thanks.


I had an LXR for a bit, it was great on paper but deeply annoying to program. Not fun, fast or intuitive at all IMO.


The TR-8S is a masterpiece. The variation system makes editing a breeze, it sounds great and it’s super flexible. It’s also pretty huge, so that may disqualify it for you. But if you can deal with the larger size it’s well worth checking out.


Sounds possibilities are pretty great but I’ve owned one too and totally agree with you.


…on the lxr i found the probality option for the first time…what became conditional trigs later in elektron universe…

this box is instant raw club sound right out of the box, once u built that box…it was my first and last diy project, too…

menu navigation is pretty old school down to earth, but ok to handle…and turning from one kit setting smoothly to another while running is just mindblowing …specially in combination with the nice bit reduction…

this digital synth drums really got big balls…


last year i’ve googled a lot about polyrhythm support. unfortunately, this feature is supported (natively) by very few devices.
that’s why i use Yamaha RM1x mainly as an advanced drum machine.


If you’re willing to sacrifice stereo, you can pan all sounds to one side and treat the output as a balanced signal. You can do even more funny things like a highpass or weird envelopes, considering one channel is subtracted from the other.
The noisefloor of the Volca Sample really was too much at times, it sounds strangely like a beehive. I did this LR/Balanced thing and ran it through an overdrive unit. Really brought the noise down a lot, even with the additional gain.

EDIT: Oh man, the Volca Sample was such a great companion. Out of all the units I sold, I miss this one the most!


Thanks for the feedback! Kind of surprised the tt-606 doesn’t have individual track lengths.