Drum and bass on OT tutorials?


Having a bit of a drum and bass fascination phase and I’d love to try and make some… never really done it before. Are there any tutorials etc out there people would advise watching for inspiration? I’ve got loads of breaks but having a starting point showing some ideas for doing those cool cut ups etc would be really helpful.


Hi! Check Ned Rush’s channel out on youtube. Though it’s not strictly “traditional D&B”(more junglistic/drill n bass/breakcore kind of vibe) you’ll get some valuable infos there and the guy is funny as hell. Maybe you should precise what kind of D&B you’d like to make, there are many subgenres in this musical family.


Cheers! Honestly I don’t know that much about drum and bass. I do like the “liquid” type stuff but I also enjoy the more intense darker stuff. Mainly interested in how to do cool things with breaks in terms of using the OT for now!


Check this vid out then. I’ve been spinning D&B records since the late 90’s, not boasting but I can say I know this music quite well. So if you want some infos about labels, artists etc… I’d gladly help :wink:


Its not too hard really, I would say just slice up a break you like and go from there. Start by using conditionals on different triggers to give your breaks some variation. I really like the OT for drum breaks as its so easy to manipulate them. Layer with kicks and snare to fatten up!

If you have any specific questions, would be glad to help out if I can…I’ll probably learn something too