Driving Yourself Crazy Over Insignificant Things


How often do you do this? It seems like once a month I go all Charlie Kelly about something that is honestly so insignificant, but I can’t help myself.

This month, it was trying to make the Drum Pads on the Push 1 reflect the Drum Rack Chain colors in Live 10. Something so small, but I kept myself up for days over it. I saw how Push4Bitwig did something similar, so I figured it HAD to be possible in Live 10 (I have no experience coding, like, at all.) I started learning Python, learning the architecture of the script, comparing it to the Push 2 scripts, and I finally gave up this morning because it is simply too far above my head lol.

Anyone else torture themselves like I do?


Reminding myself I don’t make a living with music.


Oh I feel that all too well! That’s like a daily thing at this point.


And I think by myself: where have been the times gone when something like this was even an option (timewise)? :wink:

Well, it keeps you busy and each time you learn something new, right? Even if it’s only about your own limitations …

I can think of much more worse things to spend time with. Checking thousand times a day facebook, for example, or playing completely mindless candy crush like games …

Things are only insignificant if you call them so. I would call this exploration. Exploring unknown territories. And it was and still is an essential part of my life. I wouldn’t want to miss that.


That’s true! I feel I have a much better understanding of how Live control surface scripts work, which is pretty neat. I’ve always wanted to develop my own and this helped push me in the right direction.

And that’s so funny cause my Father is OBSESSED with Candy Crush, and he used to give me crap all the time as a kid for spending too much time on the PS2. My, how the times have changed lol.


Last somewhat unecessary thing I did was try to DIY a Hilbert Transformation in Matlab for extracting the envelopes out of some samples or loops. Matlab already has that implemented, so there really was no need. On top of that; determining envelopes can be done much easier.

But huh, at least I learned a thing or two about maths and coding.