Downgrade analog heat MKI from 1.10 back to 1.02



i made a mistake to upgrade the OS of my heat from 1.02 to 1.10, which is incompatible with the current version of overbridge. I tried to downgrade it by loading the 1.02 sysex to the heat via c6. the file will not be send.

can not understand, why this should be an upgrade of the OS, if the overbridge connection does not work anymore…

is there a way to downgrade back to 1.02?



Not sure about reverting but I was warned multiple times while reading about and then before downloading the file that it would not work with previous versions of OB. Mind you, mine doesn’t even work with the current version so no loss for me. You should apply to beta test OB 2.0 - that may be your only hope at this point.


Contact the support is also an option :wink:
Login before and click this link :


For what it’s worth - I downgraded mine as well to see if it would help my OB problems - it downgraded fine from 1.10 to 1.02. OB still doesn’t recognize the device though, even though the USB subsystem on the computer sees it is there. I anxiously await updated OB.


How did you downgrade? I want to go back to having the waveforms on the filter section that was there in 1.02.


The same way I upgraded. I think I used the C6 app if I remember correctly. It just worked.


So the current status quo is NOT upgrading to 1.10? Or are the improvements of 1.10 worth losing OB?


OB doesn’t work for me regardless but as far as updating it all depends on how you use the heat.


I went back to 1.02 no problem so I could get the waveforms back from the filter section.


any progress on this exactly the same