Double pressing problem?

My newly acquired used Digitone is having severe double pressing issue.

For example, a trig contains C E G B notes and a bunch para locks. When I keep pressing it and YES to audition, or simply trying to tweak something, a big chance is it is back to nothing, with no para locks and a single note C in it.

Apparently it is being pressed twice in a flash and that equals delete and add a trig…

This is driving me nuts… Is it something that can be easily fixed?

Apparently I maybe have something like this on my unit as well. The Yes button also. So far, it hasn’t caused me major grief, but I have heard that units can be sent to Elektron for resoldering / repair for this issue. Might be worth getting in touch with them directly.

Thanks. I do hope this is something I myself can take care of since I live in Beijing and it is big…

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Most likely - be sure that the button cap doesn’t catch on way down/up and that (if cap removed) there’s no dust - check in with Elektron for a recommended contact cleaner (and procedure) that you can deploy without taking the lid off

If you use MIDI mode with this trig and another, you could capture the midi data sent perhaps to see if it registers double there (timing resolution may not reflect realworld timing) but it could be useful diagnostics

Hopefully so, perhaps Elektron can direct on how to manage the soldering.

I have to admit I am experiencing this a bit tonight which is very annoying. Holding the key to do tweaks, and then bam, nothing, just a one note trig


Same here. I am at about 30% chance triggering failure of this kind! I will be back to my place next week and first thing is to open up all the buttons to clean up and vacuum a bit and see if it helps.

I tried out a DK in a store which had severe problems and turned me of a bit. It also had a really old firmware installed.

I ended up buying a DN from a newer batch and there were absolutely no problems with that issue. Which of course made me very happy. :grinning:

I have this same issue, anyone else fix it?