Double Digi Box Sync Question

Quick question regarding using two digi boxes please (say Digitakt and Syntakt).

If you set one Digi box to be the master and the other the slave, when you create a song in the master will the slave follow the same pattern changes?

So if the song sequence of the master was patterns A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 would the slave play the same pattern sequence?


You can choose. Personally I prefer not to, so I can change the patterns independently.

Thanks but I just want to confirm that when a second Digi box is slaved to another Digi box it will exactly follow the pattern sequence played by the master digi box song?



I think the answer is “yes, but with some limitations”. There are several threads about the edge-cases where this goes wrong. I will see if I can find some.

EDIT: the search ‘pattern change one bar late’ finds a few of those threads.

EDIT 2: There is a specific bug which, last I heard, had not been fixed by elektron.


Thanks for the headup. Looking at the old threads it appears that if you keep things basic it should work.

Basic is good enough for me.

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