Does the Media section deserve some more features?

It would be sweet to heart and comment on people’s stuff in that section. It’s kinda just like a silent dumping ground without any real feedback - which is fine I guess. Or you can follow links to wherever the thing is hosted.

I dunno if this is something other people would want or if everyone else is happy with the handcuffed nature of it? But yeah, I dunno, it feels like that area of the forum deserves some TLC. Headings lead to broken links, too.

No? Yes? Best to just leave people to post without input? There’s merits to that too I guess.

Thoughts anyone?


I think you are right. There should be an option for comments and feedback.
The huge „share your tunes“ thread probably mainly exists because of the lack of comment option in the media section

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Yeah it feels like a bit of a graveyard right now. It should either be revamped with comments etc, or scrapped and its functions folded into the regular forum. Someone suggested allowing sysex to be attached to forum posts the same way you attach images, which would be pretty neat.

The great thing about it is the posts don’t clog up the main forum, so even if people are spamming it it doesn’t really get in the way. I’m often checking it and stumble upon some really cool stuff. And then I’ll end up dropping feedback on the artists YouTube or what have you (which isn’t a bad thing tbh)

But yeah, a bit of interactivity couldn’t hurt? I think it’s previous intention was as a sort of ‘resources’ area, like PDF’s / Sysex etc, but it’s kind’ve evolved to a video and sound place now


Totally. I think it s poorly integrated with the rest of the site. I kinda knew there was something there, but only recently had a real look, after years on here… Then still it was kinda unclear to me what the status of the material there is. Is it curated? Can anyone post? Is there a link with the forum? Etc.

Never look at it TBH. It is the instagram stories of the forum, never look at those either.

Edit: both probably because of lack of proper integration.


I don’t know what instagram stories are about at all. never use them, never look at them

Basically just annoying posts that auto progress often before you have time to see them properly, I never bother looking at them.

I can’t be bothered with instagram much these days anyway, the last big update ruined it IMHO.

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something i would like to see here is some sort of radio which could play the files in the media section, as it was available on the EU forum; that way one shouldn’t really have to scroll each post in the media section, unless one wanted to of course and maybe there could be an option to leave a comment straight from the player too if one wanted to. not sure how easy it would be to implement such a thing with the current forum’s platform but would be nice…i rarely check what’s in the media section meself :expressionless:

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