Does the DT VST use Midi?

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As I only have FL Studio I have not tested this in other DAWs, but I was surprised that sending notes to the DT VST does not seem to use midi.

I can turn midi off completely in midi config, and the VST still plays when notes are sent to it.
Note that I’m using the DT with OB, and it’s my audio interface.

This confused me for a while, and wondering if other DAWs work the same way.

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Have you had a look in the Overbridge manual? There is some vague explanation how it uses a kind of hardwired MIDI implementation (fixed channels) via the Overbridge plugin. You can even switch patterns by sending notes to channel 16 …

Yes, I did look at the OB manual, and from what I saw it indicates midi is used.
You’re right on the pattern changes, that does seem specialized.

    Once an Overbridge plugin is loaded into your DAW project, you can send MIDI to the plugin to sequence
    your device. The MIDI channels are the same as the track numbers, so on the Analog Four/Keys, Digitakt
    you use MIDI channels 1–4 for sequencing the tracks. For the Rytm, channels 1–12 is used.

You can send MIDI notes to the plugin on Channel 16 to request pattern changes on the Elektron device.
Like SONG POSITION sync, this works in a best effort manner.

Edit: Made some corrections, and also tested that this works, but only with the DT VST.

I confirmed that sending notes to the VST on channel 16 definitely changes patterns. It’s starts at C0=A01, C#0=A02, D0=A03, etc.

At first I wanted to turn this off, because I want to use CH16 for an instrument, but now i’m thinking I should embrace it as a clean way to sequence pattern changes in my DAW or in the patterns themselves.

For example, in pattern A01 you could put a C#0 note on CH16 with a 8:8 condition and that will play A01 - 8 times then go to A02, and a 4:4 condition C0 note so it plays 4 times then goes back.

I just tested this and it works ^^^

It only works with OB, but still very cool IMO. I know I’m going to use it!

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