Does Syntakt replace the MD?

I’m sure it can be achieved. There’s a few different FM machines on the syntakt.

It’s pretty easy to do a lot of her style of sound design on it. Chorus compressor and arp would really tie it all together though.


Here’s how the fella @introvert does it : Dennis Stein on Instagram: "I’ve had several people ask if the @weareelektron Syntakt can do Sophie/Monomachine vibes… 📺🎛📺"

And it’s really cool !


There is an audio loopback possibility with ST.

Different machines…


how does it have chords?

New unofficial OS X

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Here is my new Machinedrum UW MKIII+

36 tracks (8+8+8+12)
Missing PI machines though…


And uw🎩🪄and ringmod, and dynamix, and 16 lfos, and CTRL. And the sound.

Sorry to be that purist, but your frankenmd just sounds too clean.


My MD MKIII+ is a OT+ST combo !

I have all off these with more possibilities with OT, much better control. For UW : 8 additional recorder tracks.

I don’t care about having the possibility to combine 16 lfos I’d lack on other tracks. I prefer at least 2 per track.

I have 72 lfos, up 16 compressors or ring mods. No CTR machines, but 16 scenes and crossfader I can control with midi.

For the sound, I can get closer with LOFI and eq, but of course I wouldn’t get MD character immediately, 12 bit samples…

Sorry not to be an MD but OT purist ! :wink:


I forgot you OT users are so sensitive about your unlimited power.xx


Sorry, dark side consequence.

I agree that ST alone lacks some lofi dirt, eq, compressor and heavy distortion (I am not fond of FX TRACK drive).

MD MKII UW+ has much more to offer standalone compare to ST.
Very different workflow, for immediacy and stuff like tuned synths, ST all the way…


And you can live record the performance of a melody! All the freely assignable LFOs in the MD are cool on paper, but if live recording doesn’t work very well, it’s basically useless to me for making music.

After getting a MD I realized that all of the lusty features it has that the modern devices don’t have (freely assignable LFOs, Ctrl tracks, dynamix, slide trigs, etc) are way less important to me than the quality of life features on the modern devices, like live recording that records note lengths, unquantized recording, LFOs with really good visualization, etc.

Those are features that doesn’t really get anyone excited, but using a device without them really sucks.


Still possible to assign different pitches on MD tracks, record, sample. Limited of course.

But not by playing keys on a keyboard like a normal musician, gotta get the calculator out and push up the glasses.

Not sure if Elektron users are normal musicians. :content:

Btw even before OSX I could play MD tuned with a keyboard and a midi processor mapping notes to pitch CCs…

I sold my MDMIIUW+ just after…



Ahem. Mcl. Chromatic/Poly ext keys with one combo.

I’m loathed to mention it as usual but Mcl does put MD in OT territory. And maybe beyond in some performance cases. Definitely beyond ST…. :scream:


Yeah, one more box to add to the headache and complexity. A MD with MCL can go “beyond” ST, and if my goal is going “beyond”, then lets just go all the way and use a laptop. If the important thing is features on paper, then we oughta get rid of all of these boxes and just use a midi controller with a daw. Having a box packed with millions of advanced features is actually a detriment to me, because I end up fiddling with all those features instead of actually making music. This is why I have never finished a single song with the MD or MNM, I have finished one with OT, and 2 with Syntakt, and like 4 with the model cycles. What am I trying to go “beyond”? My own patience? My ability to finish a song?

It reminds me a bit of modular, where when I was early I spent more time thinking about what my rack could do than actually doing anything with that massive capability. There are a few people out there who can take that sea of possibilities, discard all the chaff, and distill it into something great. But I have never had the patience to do that, and I think a lot of musicians feel similar.


I have both, an my answer is yes. Except the hihats :persevere:
And I wouldn’t say “no” to more LFOs, but only because the digital machines (except Swarm) all need one LFO to not have the dreadful machinegun effect, which the MD’s machines luckily don’t have.


um i’m stupid what exactly is the machine gun effect and how do i avoid it

Appreciate the depth of your answer.

My reference has only ever been creation/fun/performance/sound.
Your use of the word “song” will mean different things to different people.
I guess I only record a live performance, I don’t really see this as a song.
To me the song is the pattern(s) and all the potential performative (parameter changes, live muting etc) options within them.
Whatever recording gets captured is one possible version of that song captured at that particular moment in time.

For others a song may be a completely programmed piece from start to end.
Introduce a daw (talking of over complication and a trillion choices of roads to travel down) and then that’s a whole different approach to song writing.

That’s why I love electronic music I think. No rules.