Does octatrack save sample loop points?

Does anybody know if octatrack saves loop point data within samples? For example, I’d like to load various octatrack samples into a Waldorf blofeld and have integrated loop points for blofeld’s synth engine to utilize.

I don’t think so, loop point and slice data is stored in the *.ot file which is only readable by the OT.


Bummer. Thanks for quick reply!

It does, even for each slice. :content:
Only for Octatrack and OctaEdit. :wink:

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No, it doesn’t. Saves/stores them internally (Project / Markers) or externally (Settings/ .ot ); but not embedded within the audio file.


You have Blofeld with, is it the SL expansion/licence?

And OctaEdit :stuck_out_tongue:


I misunderstood the question! (understood within as with).

Yes. I’ve got SL license on the blofeld, and it’s compatible with integrated loop points, as far as I know.

But I’m having trouble finding a viable option for saving loop data within audio samples. It doesn’t seem like many DAWs, software includes this functionality.

Thank you for all of your replies.

IIRC Sound Forge can export loop points.

I recently installed Wavosaur (freeware) because I had some trouble with wav files from Audacity I wanted to load into AudioTerm, something about missing loop information.


so you would be the guy to add the functionality to octa edit that one could convert samples + .ot file to a .wav + marker :wink:

I export loops from FL20 edison wave editor plugin, with loop points, and they translate to the blofeld licence sl…just fine…

Cant say with ot files as i dont own one (yet)

Quite possibly…

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that would be very cool, definitly !

i just thought the other day when i stumbled over my .ot sample chains,
what a waiste that i can´t just use them in my Erica sample drum etc.

Same! If you find a free option for
Blofeld loop setting come back and let us know!

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I just checked with google, seems like loop points created in Wavosaur work perfectly when loaded into Blofeld.