Does Multi Trig Mode Require Midi Keyboard?

Is Multi Trig Mode only accessible with a Midi Keyboard/Controller?

If the answer is YES do you suggest any budget 5pin Midi Keys, first or second hand synths/controllers that are smaller in size?

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Unless you have an SFX-6 (keyboard) version then yes.

Manual, page 11:

When we refer to play a sound in MULTI TRIG mode, a MIDI keyboard should be sending on the multi trig channel.

Manual, page 12:

Enter MULTI TRIG mode. On SFX-6 press the [MULTI TRIG] key and check that the LED is lit with a steady light. For the Monomachine tabletop versions, select the multi trig channel on your MIDI keyboard.

However, if you have programmed a sequence in the MM then the incoming MIDI Note messages will play the sequence(s) and/or arps.

Manual, page 41:

Using the keyboard MULTI TRIG mode on the SFX-6, or the Multi Trig MIDI channel (see “MULTI TRIG” on page 90 for more information) you can make advanced monophonic arrangements. All tracks can unite their efforts in creating one dynamic sound, and the sequencer can be part of the arrangement.

How small?
How many keys (minimum and maximum)?
What size or type of keys?
What budget?

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