Does it make sense to buy a Machinedrum if I own a Digitakt?


Check if it’s an MkI, the sequencer is 32 steps only. I guess it’s an MkI (3 leds instead of 4 above scale button, right corner).


Thanks for the tip, It’s MK1, unfortunately.


That’s true!
You even have two different ways of MUTE mode…green and purple.
Purple only mutes tracks individually for pattern,so if you Mute Track 1 in PTN 1,Track 1 is still unmute in the other patterns,
Green mute does the same thing but it mutes all the pattern,so the track you mute will be mute even when you switch PTN.



I’ve owned MDUWMK2+ early in my electronic music venture and also again many years later just in case I missed something the first time, but both times the sentiment was the same. I didn’t like the sounds of the internal machines. DT was cool, but after getting ARMK2 I no longer needed it. And for sampling duties I roll with the OTMK2.

MD does cool stuff, but it just depends on what you’re looking for. Definitely, check out as many sound demos you can.


If Rytm would have MIDI sequencing capabilities, I would get it in a heartbeat.

I quite like the weird sounds Machinedrum produces. All those Monolake-ish blips, blops and grsh are up to my taste. Especially if can be combined with sampled sounds.


then keep the Digitakt, get the MD mk1 also :wink:

I have a SPS-mk2 but without the UW which I don´t need since I have an octatrack.
but even if I didn´t have a sampler, I think I could get enough crazy sounds out of the MD to keep it :stuck_out_tongue:

check out some videos about the things the MD can to modulate itself/other tracks internally, via the “control” machines (I think it´s “ctr-al” und “ctr-8p”), pretty insane stuff that might make you forget you “only” have 32 steps.
(still 2x as many steps as other drummachines you can get by the way)


I have a mk1 and it’s fricking awesome. I only use it as an fx machine and sound module. Insequence it with OP-Z or MPC Live.

Here’s a video of me running Nord drum 2 into the input filter machine of the MD. It’s basically like a Sherman filterbank. So just in that you have lots of value…


I love MD, but I think doesn’t replace DT. They are so diferents.
I can program and model glitchy sounds easy on MD, but I have lot of flexibility on DT.

I kept both and I didn’t regret.


found this vid, MD is no joke !


I always thought this one reminded me of Metroid.


It makes sense if you want the MD sound


I have an OG MD. I think it’s quite different sounding than the DT, and I don’t think it really sounds much like an 808 or 909 (I’ve owned all four). The MD can really really thump. Sounds great in a mix.