Does changing sample order keeps samples linked in projects?

Hello everyone,
Using the DT for two years now, and my projects are a mess.
I’d like to sort my samples by types in each projects, by changing their order, and it seems really quick to do this with OB, but i want to be sure that it will keep the right samples linked to the tracks on each patterns. Can you confirm that it works or am i going to break everything ?

EDIT : Edited my post cause i was thinking we could sort samples through OB, which is actually impossible for now.

It should work fine. With the Digitakt’s hashing system, it doesn’t really matter where you move patterns around to as long as the sample stays on the +Drive.

However, and I may be misunderstanding elements of your request, I believe that user MZero has written a beautiful interface for this which can be found by googling Elk Herd Kitchen, or looking for it on this forum. (At least, those are the two ways I usually get to it.) At this point, his app is much more polished than the official app. I believe that it also allows you to do project backup as well.

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Thanks for the answer.

I thought that i would be able to rearrange my sample order with OB but in fact it’s impossible.
I remember being able to drag and drop samples to change their order in the Kit Editor/Assign Samples menu of OB a few months ago, but i must have been hallucinating as the only thing possible seems to change sample assignation per track on a pattern, not sample loading order in a project…That would be nice to be able to sort everything with OB though…

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Yup, what a damn shame Elektron hasn’t included that yet.

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