Does anyone experience this OT mkii bug?

FUNC + ARR is supposed to open arrangement mode.

When I try that combination, every few times it will instead open the MIDI sync settings as if I did the combination FUNC + MIDI.

Has anyone else seen this, or any other strange unrequested menu call ups?

Note: Tested on 2 separate Octatrack MKII, one brand new. So hence it is definitely a bug.

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Hi, I think this bug has been reported quite a few times. Some button combinations are buggy on some OTs. From what I read and understand, Elektron is working on resolving this via a firmware update (no time frame yet). I also have experienced other bugs on my MK2, and patiently awaiting that firmware update. You should also submit a support ticket for this.

For more info, you might want to check this thread:


Thank you so much for confirming. I’ve raised a ticket. I’m glad it’s just firmware related.

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I’m experiencing this as well.

I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but I have this with Func+Bank --> it is sometimes having weird behaviour, either not closing the window or closing it because I went to another menu but the other menu only gets active after second press. I have to see at home what exactly there was. Func+Arrangement I think didn’t trigger something else, but I think I remember some weird functionality now and then…

Brand new OT MKII exhibiting this behavior. FUNC + ARR will randomly open MIDI SYNC settings. Running 1.40A.

Well, I don’t know if you can get 1.40 firmware? But if it’s of any use that’s what I’m running on my MkII and it doesn’t have the issue or at least it hasn’t happened to me. And I’ve been using the arranger lately for linear recording and such.

I doubt downgrade would solve the problem. And you’d miss these :