Octatrack 1.40A

The OS for the Octatrack has been updated, adding a handful of performance improvements and bug fixes for MKI and MKII machines.

Please read the release notes for a full list of fixes.

Download the latest OS for Octatrack here.

Visit our YouTube channel to see some of the features added in 1.40.



List of changes from Octatrack OS 1.40 to 1.40A

Bug fixes

  • The tempo of the previously played pattern could in some cases still be in use after a pattern change to a pattern with a different tempo, even though the display showed the correct tempo.
  • Pattern tempo was set too early on a queued-up pattern change.
  • The size of a sample was incorrectly displayed in the flex file browser when FLEX FORMAT was set to 24-bit.
  • It was not possible to trig a sample chromatically via MIDI if MIDI mode was active.
  • It was not possible to record and lock slots in LIVE RECORDING mode via MIDI on any track other than the active track.
  • If any of the Trig modes CHROMATIC, SLOTS, SLICES, or DELAY CTRL were active, the bank selection LEDs were not working correctly. Green LEDs were not lit to show banks containing data, and the currently selected bank was not shown with a red LED.
  • When reloading an FX parameter page of an unsaved part, it did not reload the correct default parameter values.
  • Reverbs couldn’t be silenced by pressing [STOP]+[STOP].

That was fast! Kudos for the quick turnaround!

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The release notes for the OT MkI don’t currently describe the changes in OS 1.40A. Actually, it was my error. I mistakenly read the notes for 1.40.

Thanks for letting us know. Will fix this!

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Or actually, can you explain where it’s missing? I can’t find that it’s missing

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It’s now fixed. Actually, it was my error.

More importantly, continuing bug fixes are a wonderful thing.
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Thanks. Almost had a heart attack. Haha.


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Nice !

Damn, how great is that!!

Amazing, quick fix.

Thank you Elektron!


Nice, I love checking Elektronauts way after bedtime :smiley:


Hmm, I updated to 1.40A and since then, my crossfader is not working anymore. on 1.40 it worked. I can now switch between Sceens by selecting a different one for A, but the Fader does nothing.
Any setting that might have been reset, that I miss?

Ouch! Anywaywho is using crossfader on the OT? :smirk:

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Did you set AUDIO CC OUT to INT or INT + EXT?


The crossfader can be calibrated. It might help. Does the screen show the fader movement still?


Just to be sure, did you try loading a new project?


It is working on all other projects. Seems that I somehow turned that INT/EXT thing while testing. Thanks for the quick help!