Does anyone actually use Step Recording Mode?

Title says it all. I’ve been meaning to start using it but never have, possibly because I have that style of sequencer on my Moog Sub37 and don’t really get along with it.

What am I missing by not using it? I can imagine it would be useful as an additional creative tool.

It’s not my usual go to, but can generate some nice arp patterns that might be easier to get to than in the arp editor.

Probably nothing.
If you’re making the music you want to make, and are happy with the tools you use. Give it a try , see if you like it, see if it leads to anything. Only you can discover that.


I love the idea of step recording but in practice it’s a pain to work with. I have the same problem with the keystep - it’s fun to try and boop boop out each note and rest but in practice it’s just so much easier to just loosely record something and make adjustments. I’d be curious to see someone who is fast with step recording demo making a few patterns.

I use it for making acid lines