Do you have your Elektrons away from your PC or next to it?

This. I have them on a separate desk but close enough to my computer that I can manage samples and other Elektron content, do OS updates or record back into a DAW. But when I’m actually working on creating new music with the Elektrons, the computer usually stays off. Not because it’s a distraction but because the way I like to work with the Elektrons is mostly self-contained and there’s no need for my computer to be on drawing power and making additional fan noise.


After buying a new laptop, I set up my old, slow laptop exclusively for use with synth gear. It’s plenty fast enough to record a jam, but slow enough that the internet isn’t a distraction!

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Unfortunately, yes, my computer is right here on my desk and my gear is too.
Makes for easy uploading music/file management, but i wouldnt mind if it was gone.
Just not really a better place for it at the moment.
See? here i am typing this bullshit while one of my patterns runs on into Annoyingland…

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my Syntakt is next to my Macs (i have two stacked Minis) because however cool Elektron sequencer is, sequencing gear with Numerology is a kind of fun of its own.