Do you have your Elektrons away from your PC or next to it?

And why?

And if you have them next to your PC, do you get distracted? Is it your hobby space or also your work space?

I am having trouble disconnecting with work in the evening. I end up doing a lot less than I hoped.

I’ve got my elektrons set up next to my desk on a rack stand which isn’t ideal since I have to velcro them on and they don’t fit all of em. Tried to make a flightcase in the past which proved to be more of a hassle than a fix… so just curious how y’all do it!

I dont own a PC.
I have a laptop. Which lives in its little case, stashed on a shelf. I dont use it much.

I dont really like computers.

My studio is for making music, and i dont need a PC/laptop to do that.


Away. Elektrons are perfect to zone into and sculpt loops to perfection. Don’t think I’ve used a better sculpting tool

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Since I move to my new flat, ten years ago today.

I have used my second room which is used mainly for audio/work space in multiple different way.

The way I used it since the last 3 years is quite interesting I find :slight_smile: let me share that.

I have a big closet with all my gears.
And a dedicated computer, old one to start the DAW which is here mostly for recording.´ like a big tape machine.

When I want to make music, I take 2, 3 gear and I plug them. With the less cable possible.
All FX are done by the computer. All sequencer is done using Elektron.
All my Elektron are using OB to reduce the number of cable.
All gear which are non Elektron use the Audio Input of an Elektron to be recorded.

When done after 2,3 hours, everything back to the closet.


Look Mum No Computer

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I have mine next to pc but on separate desk so can turn on the boxes without the pc if I want - to try remove another barrier to turn on and go.

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Mine are on the desk with my Mac. Everything is permanently plugged so Overbridge is ready to go… Most of the time they are not on simultaneously - the Mac is mainly used for completing tracks in Logic or moving samples around.



Computer lives in home office which is fairly utilitarian and sparse. Putting musical instruments in there introduces another layer of clutter and makes it more difficult to focus.

Together but laptop is floating on a stand. Wireless peripherals that can be removed to help me stay in the zone. Also it’s handy for recording and stuff to have the laptop right there. Only a few things are permanently connected but I don’t have that much gear anyway.

I often use the Analog Heat with a computer, but all my Elektron instruments are not connected to it or even on the same desk.

The Heat is different though, because I like to use it for adding analog saturation to audio in the computer. It’s also the only Elektron with which I use Overbridge.

I just grab one of the digis and write music on it. Don’t mess with the computer until I can record a live performance. Then I set the digis aside and work on my laptop to finish and mix.

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Yeah, my studio room has my desktop with all my gear wired to two audio interfaces and a spaghetti mess of usb cables and midi hubs.

Mine are next to a computer, but not a computer with any work material on it.

No computer in my music setup, been that way since the mid nineties.

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i’m preparing to move to a much smaller space so i currently have a very condensed setup that consists of a laptop, minilab 3, and the dt

the dt is on a stand right next to the laptop so that it can sample patches from from soft synths and other weird stuff from youtube

it also operates as a sequencer for certain instruments in logic and is my audio interface for when i want to record guitar or bass stuff

so they’re pretty much inseparable

With limited space I have one small room with my work PC and monitor on one desk and another desk for fun with my music gear, a Mac laptop and monitor on a swivel mount. With the MacBook tucked under the desk I can swing the monitor out of the way and go into ‘hardware only mode’, giving me three configurations in one (small room):

  • Work desk with PC setup
  • Fun desk with OT+AR+A4+Euro+MacBook+monitor
  • Fun desk with OT+AR+A4+Euro only

I’d prefer to move the Work PC out of the room to avoid distractions but don’t have any other options ATM.

I used to be fully itb for a long time but now that i have the elektrons ive had trouble finding its place in the setup apart from a glorified tape recorder, i dont really have a controller for it and grabbing the mouse/staring at the screen kinda takes me out of whatever vibe i got going so if i do use it to record its out of sight until im done

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Either away or next to. It depends on the mood, what I’m working on, whether I am actually doing work or just fucking around. As to why, well, my setup is never static, it’s quite mobile, and I pull up whatever I need whenever I need it. I don’t have a lot of stuff, thankfully, and that allows me to be flexible. I take advantage of that.

I do not get distracted. I am usually focused on what I am working, and reaching for an Elektron machine or not, is a choice. If what I am working does not feel like it needs an Elektron box, then I move them out of the way.

I like the flexibility of having as little gear as possible, not laid out in some specific way, and to be able to move stuff around and move with them as I want. The downside is that things can get messy, but for me what I gain (flexibility, mobility, freedom to start things from a new context and with a new combination of things, etc) trumps the mess.

I have a little DAWless setup on the opposite side of my room of my PC where the Digitakt acts as the brain. It’s a fun set up that I love using. And that setup has its own mixer where the outs go into my DAW if I want to record anything or if I’m streaming on Twitch.

The only issue is that sometimes I like to use just my DT on my PC desk with Ableton but I hate the DT’s powercord and it’s a pain to pull it out from behind the keyboard stand… I’ve been eyeing one of those Ripcords power cables to solve this.


there was similar discussion not so long ago, you can see if there’s any relevant info there