Do the synth tracks also output midi on the Digitone?

If you wrote some nice stuff on the Digitone, and wanted to get that midi into your DAW, can you output the sequencer data from the synth tracks?

If not, can you copy that data to the midi tracks, which obviously do output midi?

Analog Rythm for example cannot output midi.


Not currently- but maybe with some workaround.

You could copy/paste the sequence into a midi track.

When Overbridge comes out you could probably move the midi that gets recorded into the daw over to another instrument.

Thanks for the info.

My computer OS is too old to use overbridge, so I don’t have access to those features.

If you can copy the data to one of the midi tracks then that is a reasonable work around for me that the Analog Rythm does not have.

This info helps, because I might start projects by sending midi to the Digitone from my DAW. If I write stuff that would be better suited on a different synth, I’m all good. If I want to take advantage of p-locks, I can record that midi into the Digitone.

Thanks for clarifiying!

@Ess This would be a really great feature for the Digitone IMO.
It would provide the ability to easily layer sounds from external gear over the synth tracks.
I would very much love for the note data from synth tracks 1-4 to be output on MIDI channels 1-4.
I will try the workaround of copying the synth track to a MIDI track, but even if that works it would be much nicer to not have to sacrifice a MIDI track to be able to layer other sounds onto a synth track.