Do Rytm Kits Save Track Volume Levels?


Hi there,

Something that have been bugging me is when I am jamming out on my Rytm MK1 and am changing songs via changing patterns (that have different kits attached to that pattern) and the volumes of the tracks come in too loud - not at what I remember the volume being the last time I used (and saved) that kit.

I always save the whole project (which contains all of my patterns/kits for my set).

Is there some way to have the kit’s track volumes save? Do I need to save the pattern?

Thanks for any help.


The individual track volumes are saved within the kit.


I’m not quiet sure if saving the Project also saves the kit. I always save kit, pattern and project separately.


Thanks so much for the info.


My last move when creating a kit is to check the level using a db meter in Logic and then adjust the compressor make up gain and maybe some other parameters until it reads the same output as the rest of my kits…