Do I need a compressor?

Between AR and OT, you have some compressors already, and they’re very powerful because they are p-lockable!

I’ve owned and used a lot of hardware compressors. Distressor, Compounder, Drawmer, 1178, P10 optical, etc.
These days I just use OT compressor (p-locked when necessary) into Heat with some env follower on the drive amount. It just works and sounds like a record. Simple combo solution that is very powerful and flexible considering it is a hardware solution.

Try feeding your mixer into OT or AR, so you can compress everything there, and output that to the Heat. Finish 5 tracks in this configuration, study the results, adjust. Buying more gear is rarely a solution to a problem that involves a lot of gear :wink:


would be to ‘glue’ things together, and sidechain compression to get thumping effect and emphasizing kick would be nice!

wow. this sounds very interesting (and complicated haha)! which compressor is better, the one from OT or AR? I was not aware you could use the audio ins on the AR to send that audio through the analog compressor of the AR! and also very interested on how you use the heat for this (with the envelope follower as you mention). Do you have a tutorial/video on this somewehere? would be awesome!

And PS: nice wise words about the ‘buying new gear is rarely the solution’ haha! LOL! so true!

I’ve seen you and others mention Plocking the compressor. Maybe I should just try, but with compressors it’s often a learn what to hear before you hear it situation. So: What would be the most Plocked parameters for you? Ratio/Threshold?

Sure but I think you misunderstood OP here. He meant would getting the OTO Boum (which has a compressor as well as being a warming unit) be overkill when he already has Heat for warming purposes. Getting Boum just for the compressor would be a little over the top and expensive, imo. Unless OP chooses to switch from Heat to Boum to have both compression and warming in one unit.



It depends what you need. They are both different compressors. No Sidechain on the OT, but you can get the same effect by p-locking and using those trigs as the “key”.

Re: envelope follower:


Thanks guys, this forum is the best!

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With all theses synth with differents sounds, yes you should get a compressor. Even just with the PERfourMER you should add a compressor because you know, analog synth can go crazy dynamics (don’t look at this resonance knob ^^)
So yeah, no need of the best unaffordable compressor, even the OT compressor is enough, or a plugin in post record.


Do a search for compression on this site. There are a few very good threads that address using the internal compressors on various Elektron devices. The OT compressor is absolutely top shelf for a built in.

Aside from that, yes you need a compressor.

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If its for a final master yes. If its just when jammin’ no.

No you dont.
Yes you do.
No you dont.

Aside from that, reducing dynamic range can also be achieved via other means. Saturators reduce dynamic range via clipping, in a sonicly pleasing way.

The real question is, what sound are you after?

(Personally I dont bother with compresors much any more. I use saturation. However The octatrack compressor is very good, I use that. The compressor in my TR8-S is good also.)


“… see the envelope used to get compression effect…”

10340° Sound Pack for Analog Heat:

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I’ve got the analog heat and it’s great. I’ve also heard nothing but good things about oto boum and the Sherman filter bank.

I currently use both. All my synth sounds run through the OT either as thru machines or flex samples (most commonly from the modular since no patch memory there). Then, OT track 8 has compressor & filter and is my synth bus going to a small mixer, and AR + it’s compressor is my drum bus going to the mixer.
I also have thoughts of adding Heat + RNLA on master insert, or perhaps Warm Audio Bus Comp, but can’t afford those right now.


Do you use compressor and plocks on individual tracks or on master/submix? Can you give us an example on your plocking strategy? I mean would you plock mostly threshold/gain etc and what is your goal by doing so? Thank you

not a bad idea to send perfourmer through octa then!

this is interesting and something I could do too. so you mix the compressed AR signals with the compressed OT output with a mixer. but this is still different than sending all signals through 1 compressor, is it not?

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Yes different, but using what I already have for now rather than adding more gear/expense!
Because OT is master I can do sidechaining by p-locking compressor values am the same steps as kickdrums and get pumping synths if I want.
Also both compressors have mix control so options for parallel compression.

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