DN DT Sync issues


what im doing:

  • Logic: start/stop/transport
  • DT receive clock USB
  • MD reveive midi from MOTU microliter
  • DN receive thru from MD

have metro on on DT and DN, and a click set on trigs on MD


  • DT 1/8 behind tempo
  • MD in sync
  • DN 1/8 behind tempo

ive been at this for the last two days. i have no idea what happened.
ive MOTUs set to 96k and a buffer of 64 set in Logic and its STILL late.

this is enough to make me wanna chuck it all out the window.
ideas? [continuing to poke around for answers]



Logic pre-roll fucks up the start message to the boxes. [which kinda sucks]
turning off pre-roll has shit coming in nice and tight. BUT im back to that issue of the audio coming in slightly early on all tracks.

id like to know if there is a fix for this pre-roll thing as well.


  • OB disabled: audio comes in a little late on all tracks. like 1-2ms
  • OB enabled: audio comes in early on all track approx: 4ms



noticing my computer is set to 32bit float, my sound car is 32bit float, but both DT options [core and bit accurate] are 32bit integer.

would that cause sync issues?
is that possible to change?

is it possible to get some kind of response?