DM16 Midas Analog Mixer



12 Input Analogue Live and Studio Mixer with MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers
8 mono input channels with award-winning MIDAS microphone preamplifiers
2 electronically-balanced stereo line input channels on 1/4" TRS connectors
3 band EQ on mono channels with swept mid band
2 aux sends with pre/post fader switching

€289 or £246.73

One of the cheapest Midas product

It looks a lot like the sound craft mtk especially for the design.


Google found this (very brief) review of the DM12, which should apply to the DM16 as well, as the only difference appears to be # of mono channels.

I would also point you to the reddit thread on it, but it’s a whole lot of noise and not much signal.
We’ll have to wait until the magazines get their hands on it.

But regarding DM16 vs Soundcraft MTK, Midas DM series has no USB connectivity.


This is not a proper review to my opinion all what is he saying I can see it by myself haha, and I have already seen this article before.

But I understand the fact that create a new topic for it is not a good idea if you can transfer this thread to the Soundcraft Mtk topic it would be nice !

I don’t think that I could do it by myself ?



I think the DM16 requires its own thread, as reviews will come in, and there will certainly be some interest in an affordable Midas mixer for performance.

Since the Midas DM have no USB or digital multi-track recording facility, it really doesn’t belong in the MTK thread. You’re of course welcome to mention it in the MTK thread, though.


Any opinions on this mixer yet? I’m curious whether there is a huge sonic difference/advantage between the midas DM series, the soundcraft signature series, and the soundcraft EPM series.


I have a Midas 48XL ADAT frontend which sounds awesome. If this is anything like it, it will be a good alternative to a Soundcraft signature (not MTK!) or a Mackie mixer for gigs. I bet this doesn’t have a dumb non-symmetry in the EQ like the soundcrat signatures…

XLR inputs on most channels, inserts on most channels, trim on every channel, inserts for the master outs… Spec-wise, this is a decent mixer to say the least!

Hmm, I wonder if one could use the channel inserts as direct outs…!

Midas is proper gear, deserves a try, this one


I have never used the EPM series but I’m currently using my Midas DM16 mainly for live acts and it does a great job for the price.


Because of the MG/Behringer merger, I was a bit concerned about the sound of the DM line. I would be happy to pay 1-200 extra to have better sound quality. The main drawback of the EPMs are the size and weight in comparison.