Dj mixer with digitakt

hello i have a digitakt and just bought a 2 channel dj mixer so i can blend my beat with turntable records, i tried using rca to 1/4inch but cant seem to get a signal playing from the dj mixer, any help on this?

Make sure they’re plugged to the output. of the Digitakt.

On the mixer, check the gain and the faders including the cross fader position.

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and obviously make sure you have selected LINE, not PHONO from the mixer input, and have connected the DT cable to that channel’s line in

I have a 2 channel mixer question ( If OP dosent mind me asking )

Basically got 3.5mm headphone to dual 1/4 trs, which ends plug into audio interface.

Can I just plug the headphone size end of this cable into the headphone output of dj mixer. It will be phono input (turntable ) and theres phono and line switches.

Also I have software effects and AUM has pre and post fader. How can this be best applied to incoming signal.


yes you can. Then you use the mixers headphone cue controls to select what gets sent, many DJ mixers have a cue/master blend knob for this.

wow thank you guys! got it to work! got the digitakt to go with turntable and the mixer, that was the confusing part, but got it to work

Funny how just yesterday I was thinking of a new concept to work on. I was telling myself how cool it would be to do exactly what you’re doing completely forgetting your post and stumbling upon it today.

How did that work for you and music are you mostly interested in?

i do hip hop, i try to keep things simple hence the turntable,mixer, digitakt, thats really all you need imo, here is my most recent work

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