Division Department 01/IV

“01/IV by The Division Department is a 4-channel analog drum synthesizer capable of synthesizing a wide palette of sounds”

https://youtube.com/watch?v=QL6d02PCBkI is a great video from Masaki Takada of this drum machine, driven by the Digitone.

And a stylish video from @Ess https://www.instagram.com/p/B5-_hjShCoB/?hl=fr


I really love this box but with the import tax and shipping I decided to give it a miss.
Lovely design :heart_eyes:

Order from Schneidersladen.de then u wont pay import tax


Ah! I honestly thought it could only be bought direct!
Thank you for that, I think :joy: I’ll have to buy it now

Oof! Still pricy…


A nice thing, ideal for use with Swedish grooveboxes.

I really wish it had accents or some sort of velocity control via midi. That seems like an oversight.

It has control over basically everything via MIDI. Eats velocity too, of course.


Sounds great! Impressed.

The cross modulation between channels and the drone mode are really appealing.
Also the unit itself is very handsome and well laid out.
This with a Model Samples and you have a Rytm! :wink: ish

This changes everything.

{edit} there doesn’t seem to be a published midi implementation sheet yet, but it’s on it’s way {edit}



Another don’t need but want goes on the list :man_facepalming:


same. I’ve got a DRM1 and a Syncussion, yet still wanna spend some time with this guy.

got one as present for myself, it’s a lot of fun!

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Definitely intrigued by this machine as a partner to Digitone… Really liking the design and sounds coming out of this thing.

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I want more video demos of this thing. It looks so dope, but it is hard to see how well it will handle different types of drum sounds.


Same. Although I don’t even care If it can do normal drum sounds. It would be kind of cool to pair it with the Volca kick and just go to town.

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Got my eye on this one. Can see myself getting one someday but want to wait for more reviews news demos etc.

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How are owners finding this little thing? Versatile enough? Any new opinions after owning it for a while?

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Also wondering what are owners thinking of it?

I was late for the first batch, but placed a pre-order for second one. Can’t wait

I really love it! it’s the perfect companion to a digitakt or digitone.

I tried a lot of drum synths, but this is my favourite by far. from straight forward drums to wired happy accidents - it’s great for someone who likes to experiment with sounds and for sampling into the digitakt.

I’m still exploring all the possibilities. but if you have any specific questions, happy to answer.