Display of Analog 4 Mk I reakts super slow

Hi Im having the problem that my Display is refreshing very slowly… its kinda annoying . With the Octatrak its like instant, and the A4 it fades from one setting to another, which makes stuff hart to read in the beginning.
The A4 is already out of Warranty… im quite good with soldering so i wonder if a replacement display would fix the problem. Does anyone knows the part they used ?
and are more folks having that problem?


There’s lots of threads and part info on the Mk1 screens (A4 or Rytm)



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Since it’s winter just a wild guess: is it quite cold where this poor little A4 MK1 “lives”? The liquid within LCD is quite temperature sensitive …

its not that cold even im in germany :smiley: found the part number, thanks … maybe ill try
(winstar WG12232A )

You also may want to leave it on for a few days. My Rytm (mki) sat unused for a time and when I turned it on the display have all sorts of problems. A few days left on fixed it. Had a similar issue with my a4 keys. Leaving it on for a few days helped it as well.

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