Discussion: "Missions: Greatest Misses category"

Hi folks,
I’ve been reading the Missions category and came up with the idea we could have a “greatest misses” category for various reasons:

  • You couldn’t make it to the timeline but really wanted to participate
  • You found the mission somehow “restrictive” but were inspired by it to make something (i.e: “arf… good idea, but I don’t make Hip Hop but acid-raï-n’step music”, or “no external effects: yeah but I got this little box later on and that would be dope with that challenge”
  • you’re a spiritual aikido fighter and do not “compete”
  • whatever…

The principle would be quite simple: post the link to the challenge your creation is connected to and post your creation with a written description. Examples: “My take on insert challenge link here. I’ve made this change, I broke this rule, I’m new to Elektronauts and there’s this challenge from 2015 I’ve just read about, it’s insert your annual religious party here and I don’t have time for this!!!”. You got it…

Entries would be out of competition: nothing to win or lose, besides some ego boosting, fun experience, feedback, networking…

What do you Naughts think about it?

Note for admins: I truelly asked myself in which category to post this very topic, since it’s both forum user related (feedback category?) and missions related, so feel free to do these sexy admin things you do :wink:


Great idea! I’ll check my unfinished pile…

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