Disable/mute preview sound for instrument (TRIG button)

Hello Electronauts community, I’m looking for a way to select an instrument in my Bank without the preview sound. As practical as it is to hear which sound is in which Trigger on the device - it isn’t very enjoyable when jamming or recording. Example: I have a BD pattern running and want to select the BD instrument to change a parameter live … this selection interrupts my BD pattern with the preview sound of the instrument. You know, the single sound when you select one of the instruments or sample slots on Syntakt and Digitakt… I could not find an answer in the manual or the forum. Maybe you know more about it? Is there a way? Thanks a lot for your help. :slight_smile: Best, Florian

Hold TRK and press the track trig and it’ll select the track without playing it.


Aaah, fantastic - thanks a lot! #Gamechanger :smiley: