Digitone with Endorphines Shuttle Control

does anyone have the chance to try out, if the usb midi out of the digitone works with the Shuttle Control.

It works very perfectly.

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Thank you! Great!

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Hi ,
I’ve tried to connect my Digitone to my Shuttle but it doesn’t seem to work. Once connected the Shuttle displays a strange character on the display and doesn’t seem to respond.
I also have a Digitakt. I’ve connected that to the Shuttle and it works perfectly. I’ve set the two units up exactly the same but still can’t get the Shuttle to recognise midi from the Digitone.
All units have the latest firmware.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’ve used my Digitone to control a Shuttle System and I never ran into problems. Do you still have issues? For debugging I recommend testing with a new project.

i had the same problem go to settings-system-usb config- and set the arrow on usb/midi.
then it shut work

I’ve just changed my system settings as recommended by tekknolig and it’s resolved the issue. Thanks for your help that’s awesome.