Digitone velocity modulation setup confusion

Morning all. I’m trying to play with velocity mod on my Digitone but there’s something I don’t understand. In the velocity mod edit screen I can turn the level/data knob and it changes the value at the left which I assume to be the test velocity but when I then hit a key on the “keyboard” it just plays at 100, which is the velocity set on the trig setup page.

How can I demo different velocity levels? And what’s the purpose of the level knob here if the velocity value gets overridden by the trig value? I had a look in the manual and I couldn’t find anything relevant.

I use an external midi keyboard. What I can tell you, is that when you play via external keyboard, you can watch that velocity level meter in the mod screen jump around all over the place as you play different velocities.
Since the trig buttons are just that, trig buttons, I dont think there is a way to test velocities other than writing them into the sequencer first. Or jump between the track’s trig settings page and fiddle with velocity, then back to the vel mod screen. Not exactly fun.

Have you got a midi keyboard?

Well this is the thing. I’ve plugged my Model Samples in as a test MIDI “keyboard” and I understand that I can send velocity that way but I just don’t understand why the level/data knob changes that value on the left if I then can’t trigger a note with that velocity. I tried FUNC+YES but that didn’t work either.

It sounds like you have the M:S set to always output at a consistent velocity. I don’t have one here in front of me anymore but you can change the velocity sensitivity of the pads in the menu. Maybe worth trying another midi controller into the DN and see if the problem is exclusive to the M:S.

I think there’s a misunderstanding here. It responds to velocity just fine (e.g. from my MS), but I don’t understand the purpose of the Level/Data knob on the DN changing the velocity value displayed on the left (in the velocity modualtion page) if I can’t then trigger a note with that velocity. I can change the value by turning the knob, but it serves no purpose. I’d like to be able to preview a note with that velocity and I assumed that’s why the velocity value was there and could be changed with a knob, but it seems to be an “empty” feature that doesn’t do anything.

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Not totally sure I understand what you are saying but the value on the far left in that Mod screen is just to show you the incoming MIDI velocity value. It should be showing you the velocity of any MIDI notes you input into the DN. Then you can use that value as a reference when setting the four Mod knobs.

sorry to bump this thread, but is there any workaround for this? it’s quite counter-intuitive to design velocity mods with the built-in keyboard, since you have to constantly go in and out of the velocity mod setup to test it with the velocity value on the TRIG page…