Digitone usb as midi out device


hi, i have stuck because trying to play some midi from ableton to synth connected via midi out to digitone. It looks like Ableton -> Digitone USB driver -> usb cable -> digitone -> midi out -> synth. I cannot force digitone to send any midi out in this config. I hope its clear. I tried to assign port to midi track at digitone but it not help :frowning:


As far as I know - there’s no midi interface capability.


Can you designate “Midi Input” as usb only and “Midi Output” as midi only in the Digitone’s midi settings? Perhaps this is what needs to happen? Not sitting in front of Digitone but I think this may work.


Thanx Guys, i found how to do it. Simple just set midi track channel on midi track of digitone. It work as i needed. So digitakt work as midi out device well. The missing thing was to set this channel on midi track ( track settings )