Digitone Trigless (yellow) trigs not working (as i expected)?

Hi 'nauts, I’m trying to accomplish the following on my DT:

have a simple 16/16 pattern, one real red trig on step 1 that just plays an arp Len 16.
I’ve LP2 filtered out the chirp of that note as default, but want to open the filter for steps 13-16. I’ve added yellow trigs on those steps with the filter p-locked wide open, but the sound doesn’t change on those trigs.

help me learn and grow please :smiley:

hm, it should work like this…

maybe you have an attack on the filter and only hearing the filter change at the first 12 trigs…

maybe the other trigs/sounds (13-15) are too short, so you can not hear the filter change? (because of filter attack)

also maybe try without the arp on?

Not sure if it’ll help, but on your trig less locks try flipping the FLT.T (shown below) to Off or On.

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hey all, thanks for the advice, must’ve been a glitch because after a power cycle it worked as expected