Digitone to output chords to DT

Hi everyone.

I am hoping to use my DN as a chord and scale generator to play the midi tracks on my DT.

My connections are as follows:

DN Midi Out > DT Midi in
DT Midi out > Deepmind12 (CH 5)

The goal is to use the Digitakt’s sequencer since it can send 8 midi channels.

My Digitone will function as an external chord generator for my DT’s midi channels.

Thanks in advance!

hi, not sure, why you would want to route the digitone midi through the digitakt.

if you want to sequence the deepmind12 i would recommend to use one of the four midi tracks of dn, because it can send 8note midi chords. digitakt can only send four midi notes (chords) per track.

if u want to use the scale options of the dn, there are multiple options to do so, because all three machines have midi tru… so maybe try to tell us more, about what you want to do…

edit: i am not sure, if the dn sends the scale and chord settings to the midi out. maybe it only applies them to the internal sequencer track…

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From my recent experiments with Overbridge, I’m pretty sure the DN chord generator doesn’t work for external devices, only for, as nionmu said, the internal sequencer tracks. I may be wrong about using it over Midi for external gear, but I’m sure it’s a baked in limitation to make the DN sound awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

I have another question along that line.
If I sequenced a minilogue xd on my digitakt, would I be able to record multiple different sounds from the minilogue on individual midi? Or am I only able to use 1 midi from the minilogue. (1 minilogue = 1 sound on the digitakts sequencer) VS. (1 minilogue = 4 different midi sound patterns on digitakt sequencer) I guess I could always record into the DT if that’s the case.


sorry, what you wrote is absolutely confusing to me. :smile:

you want to sequence your minulogue xd from your digitakt, right? (why do you want to? xd has its own sequencer)

maybe you are talking about polyphony? (play 4 notes [chords] at once?)

xd is monotimbral, means it can only play one sound at a time (with 4 notes max.)

maybe you are talking about midi channels here? dt has 8 midi TRACKS which can each send midi to one of the 16 midi channels…

also xd could send midi to one, several or all tracks of the dt with the right midi channel settings.

recording audio to dt is another story, but has nothing to do with midi directly

maybe you can describe more precise what you want to achive.