Digitone sound parameters are stored with patterns

Maybe I missed this in the manual, but i see that Digitone stores parameter settings (not talking about parameter locks on a note/beat) with each pattern? To clarify, if I am chaining 2 patterns and I change a knob on pattern 1 when i go to pattern 2 that knob is back to the position it was the last time pattern 2 was called not the new setting of pattern 1. Is there a way to turn this off, i can see how it could be useful for producing however for improvising its annoying?

In short, no. Each pattern saves all the parameter values as is. You can copy sounds from one pattern to another tho


Yeah its a bit of a bummer for certain workflows. If you have another sequencer you can sequence note data externally, and therefore change patterns on the external, but keep the same open patch running on the dtone.
Thats how I do it.


Thanks for the responses, sounds like a feature request for sure.


Not really. Its just different machines operate in different ways. Some people wish the Octatrack saved everything on a per pattern basis.
Electribes save per pattern, TR8-S seperates saving Kits and patterns, octatrack auto saves, saves parts, and other octaweirdness.

If its just 2 patterns you want to chain, you could probably give fill mode a try?