Digitone / sound pack management?

So I’ve had my Digitone for about a year now. I never questioned it when I got it, but it came with 3 sound banks (A, B, and C) which I always thought were the stock sounds. I had a friend come over and trip out that I had so many more presets that his DN has. I recently bought a sound pack, and had it installed on sound D, and it had dawned on me, “what if I were to rebuy the same sound pack? what a waste”

Anyways, is there a way to see what sysex files are currently installed on the Digitone? I plan on buying a couple more sound packs and I’d like to know which ones I currently own.

you can scroll through your banks in DN’s menu for selecting sound or maybe better OB? maybe you can make a screenshot of your banks and check manually with other soundpacks? The soundpacks always have a demopack with a few sounds!
It sucks that you cannot name a bank, but that’s the elektron way! I always write down on paper which banks I have installed! Or maybe you got my broken DN with my patches, refurbished unit of me :laughing:

You just have to name the first preset slot with the name of the sound pack.


great idea thx

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Digitone comes with presets in bank A and B. Bank C is suppose to be blank.

How do you mean?

So for example I bought the “Hidden” sound pack. There isn’t a way to check my Digitone prior to a purchase to see if it already had it installed.

So if a DN comes stock with A and B banks, how can I find out what is installed in bank C? Like I said, I would hate to buy for example (d) Tones only to find that I already had it.

I wish there was a spreadsheet online of all the sound packs that Elektron offers. There aren’t any reviews or overviews of those things and I think it would totally save my Arse. Here’s a thing, the first preset on bank C is called “Baby.” Does anyone recognize what soundpack this might be?

Yes, C should be empty. I purchased all the sound packs and installed them the day after I bought my DN. I promptly forgot the order, so last night I deleted them all and reinstalled them. This time I wrote down the order. Changing the name of the first sound of each pack is a brilliant solution.

I edited my post before you posted just now, would you happen to know what soundpack has the “Baby” preset as its first one?

This is a great solution.
I do find it odd that the banks cannot be named.

What we need is a pinned thread in the DN forum showing all packs and their contents. Who’s up for the challenge?


I searched and didn’t find “Baby” in any of the packs in any bank. Perhaps they are the previous owners custom patches or even a pack from a third party not available on the Elektron website. As I mentioned earlier, I have every pack available on the website. I’ve installed them as follows:

Bank A: 1-256 “Stock Sounds”
Bank B: 1-256 “Stock Sounds”
Bank C: 1-128 “Bionic Walk”
Bank C: 129-256 “rtFM”
Bank D: 1-128 “Big Space”
Bank D: 129-256 “Haunted Hearts”
Bank E: 1-128 “Hidden”
Bank E: 129-246 “Revealed”
Bank F: 1-128 “(d) Tones”
Bank F: 129-192 “Uncanny Valley

I’m up for it. Will take me a while though (not the greatest typist).

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You, sir, are a legend!

Okay, did you purchase your Digitone second hand with presinstalled sound packs in Bank C?

I bought my Digitone used, and yes there was 256 presets saved under bank C.
It’s my understanding that soundpacks have 128 right? So maybe I have 2 soundpacks installed under bank C? Haha this is tricky

I’ll post an image of what sounds I have saved under bank C when I’m off work to give you guys some insight

Okay then I understand.

The number of presets can differ. One that I bought have 130 and another one has around 60.

One thing to consider is that the presets in Bank C don’t have to belong to an Elektron released sound pack and maybe its the first owners own presets. It doesn’t have to be like that, but it’s one option.

Don’t forget also that you can download the Digitone Keys presets, these are found in your Elektron account. :grinning:

It’s be handy if the full sound list of each pack was included as a txt file within each demo sound pack , and the full pack.

I’ve installed all the demo packs but have no idea which one is in each bank. I should’ve prefixed the Syssex file too.


Is via using overbridge a better management of installed presets possible? Right now, I feel like I missed my chance by naming the first preset the pack name and I am lost in hundreds iPod hundreds patches…