Digitone - sometimes getting no sound when connecting MIDI in device


I’m hoping someone can help me with Digitone issues. I’m kinda new to this synth. I have my iPad via Korg Gadget app send MIDI to Digitone. It works about 2/3 of the time. But I also often encounter the issue of NO SOUND at all from the tracks in DN that the iPad is sending MIDI info to. Even after unplugging the MIDI USB cable and reloading the project, I get no sound from the Digitone. Weird part is that on each track it still shows which preset was used so if I go back to the browser and reload the particular patch, it will play again just fine. It also seems to work ok (most but not all the time) if I stay on the iPad screen, but if I switch to a different app and come back to it, the material in Gadget will play, and the Taipei gadget will show it’s sending MIDI and the Digitone tempo icon blinks at the tempo speed of the iPad so it’s receiving MIDI but no sound. If I also try to play on the Digitone itself, it won’t play as well. I’m really confused. It seems to be there but not be there if that makes sense…

So I end up having to reload each sound into its respective track to get to to work. But i can’t do this in a live situation so need to figure out what’s going on and fix it fast. If anyone can help me i really appreciate it. Thanks!

Btw, I did update the OS to the latest version just a few days ago.


No one? :frowning:


Could you maybe be accidentally sending cc messages? Did you check all your volumes are still normal before reloading anything?


Volume levels are unchanged. I notice it happens when I change project on iPad then load the corresponding project in Digitone - the Digitone responds to MIDI, but no sound. No sound when hitting the keys on the Digitone either. It seems to happen less (or maybe doesn’t happen) when I load the Digitone project, then the corresponding iPad project after.