Digitone > Overbridge Connectivity

I have upgraded my Digitone to OS 1.21, the latest version on the website.

I have installed overbridge 2.0.14.

It recognises my Digitakt with no problems.

I am getting the following error message regarding my Digitone:

“The paired device has an incompatible OS version! Please shut down your DAW and update the overbridge suite to a later version”.

I have reinstalled overbridge three times now, using the latest beta version, with the same error every install.

My DAW is Ableton 9.

Any suggestions?

Try the actual latest version of Overbridge:

Thanks for that.

This version won’t install - it gives me error code 2318.

I have got it working now - thanks, problem solved!!!

I didn’t realise I had to uninstall the previous version of overbridge first.

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Analog Heat Mk 1 won’t connect - error messaqe - its firmware is incompatible.

I have installed ver 1.10 firmware (most recent I could find on the website) - is there a more up to date firmware version?

Thanks again.

Read again the post that I linked to above.

Didn’t want to start a new topic for this, but when using Digitone with overbridge and Keystep, should I be running Keystep into the digitone directly or into the computer and control digitone through the computer?

I would say direct. There’s going to be a bit of latency though just the nature of the beast currently. :slight_smile:

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