Digitone or Deluge?

Digitone or Deluge? I’ve been throwing myself into researching the Digitone as a brain hub for a new DAWless setup I want. I love the sounds it makes and the sequencing capabilities. But then I have to go and make things difficult for myself by running into the Deluge.

Anyone had any experience with both who can offer me some unbiased opinion?

I’m looking for a brain unit that can get me started, and has enough expansion potential for the future.

Deluge seems awesome but everything I’ve heard sounds similar - very synthwave (which I love) but not much grit or power.


I have both, I would say it’s like comparing apples and kiwi. Both are great for different things.
But you probably knew that already.
I will say that I recently replaced my Digitakt with the Deluge… And it was amazing for my DAWless workflow. (However I want the DT back now)
At any rate, the deluge is really more suited to being the hub of a DAWless setup, and Digitone is more suited for awesome FM sounds/percussion.
And for what it’s worth, I think the Deluge synth engines sound great, you can find grit and power. Maybe not as much as other synths, but fair enough.

Deluge is good if you go on vacation.
All in one.

At home I use a drone (atm bastl kastle) that feed into line in.
That I use as “Oscillator” for custom synths on it, so i can play on multiple tracks with envelopes and different pitches. When I twiddle on the kastle, serious strange stuff can happen.

But i would not use it as main thing, as you say it’s a bit thin.
The filter could be better.

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As a hub, I would probably go for Deluge. You got sampling, awesome song mode, unlimited amount of tracks?

for synthesis I would go with Digitone

I definitely want both. But I’m drawn to the deluge as a good starting point.

I have an iPad loaded with amazing synths, including Drambo, so I’d be trying to use that also while i ween myself off computer software.

The Digitone might be better for me as an instrument or as a companion sequencer to the deluge. I assume they can both work together in tandem?

Thing is - there’s something very attractive about a simpler, limited starting point (Digitone). The music I want to make is minimalist electro synth wave ambient stuff. I want to move away from computer software, and towards a small number of instruments that I master.

For the use case you describe go with Deluge, it is more suited, Digitone sounds great and is a joy to use, but no song mode and much more limited sequencing for midi.

I also want to have capability for controlling modular units, you know - build in expansion for the future. So yeah - the Deluge seems better for this doesn’t it. It has CV out, but the Digitone doesn’t.

How would I enable CV out of the Digitone if I ever came to want that? Is there an adaptor kit to take MIDI to CV?

Yeah just use a midi-cv converter, there are many to choose from either standalone or as euro modules.

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Ok great.
That’s the CV side of things taken care of!
It’s funny - the Deluge seems so deep and powerful, it’s almost like I’m going from one DAW to another. One of the reasons I want to abandon DAWs is to simplify my setup and trigger creativity through limitation. I like that the Digitone IS limited, but I want to make sure I can expand in the future. E.g. add a drum module, or a couple of extra synths.
I read recently about how the Digitone is now fully compatible and usable with iOS over USB which is huge. Could be a good stop gap until I add hardware units.
Digitone x 4 + AUM (running synths) x 4.
Pretty good starting point.

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Deluge is good at many things with an excellent song mode.

Digitone is great at FM with the fantastic Elektron sequencer.

Having said that, I’ve owned both and since sold the deluge during my last gear purge. The Digitone however stayed, like my guitar, it sparks creativity.

Good luck, you really can’t go wrong with either!

That’s the kind of way I’m thinking - As good and complete that the Deluge is, I’m more interested in building a set up that’s greater than the sum of its parts, rather than a one-stop shop.
There are workarounds for the lack of song mode on the Digitone aren’t there?

Correct, Deluge is very nice synth but sound engines should be improved I think. Anyway here is what I made with Deluge,

I think it would take me less effort if I used DAW but anyway Deluge is good. I have Digitone also, nice sounds but it is not easy to use as Deluge (at least I think so).

Both Deluge and Digitone are NOT perfect.

Thanks so much, love the track. Very nice.

I think I’m going to focus on the sound. Because if I start with a great sound (in this case, the Digitone), I can build onto it with other kit and eventually achieve what the Deluge offers and more. That’s what I’m interested in. Experimentation, combinations, etc. To move away from one thing doing everything like a DAW. For instance, I could add a Digitakt at a later date, or a Keystep Pro, or even something like a Squarp Pyramid. Then the Digitone sequencing duties could take a back seat but I’d still be left with a pretty awesome instrument.

one more track made with Deluge

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I have and love both. I think the deluge is a much more natural transition to moving out of the box. It does have a basic 2-op fm synth in addition to its VA patches but it also has a relatively capable sampler. It’s an incredible brain to a dawless setup, but I also find it very natural to sequencing percussion and playing parts in. What I adore is setting up a 16 track project with synths and percussion while I’m away and then changing them to midi tracks to drive hard or software synths when I’m ready to focus on the sound.

The deluge is my ride or die. I’d never sell the digitone either but it feels less like the beating heart of a setup.

It’s really worth a deep dive- everything you can get.


I love the Digitone but from what you describe the Deluge would meet your needs much better. As a dawless hub (or standalone) it will cover many more bases in many more styles of music.

Just when I think I’ve made a decision, another opinion pulls me the other way!! Ha.

I’m even now considering a keystep pro as a brain… oh gawd I’ll never get anything at this rate. :slight_smile:

I have a digitone, digitakt, and model cycles. I was considering a deluge but ultimately went with elektron because the interface seemed much better. Editing samples without a screen seems annoying to me, and I think the digitone looks incredible. I love the elektron sequencer, but do miss a song mode. I really like the depth the digitone offers, that is something I found wanting about the deluge.

I guess in general I feel like the deluge is spread a bit thin when it comes to its sound capabilities. I also wish it had more controls. I am absolutely envious of the grid sequencing though. Especially the quantized grid seems just extremely fast to program melodies and things.

Sounds like a great set up. But what do you do instead of song mode?