Digitone + OP-1 - setup ideas?

Hi Elektronauts,

I’ve been thinking of hooking up my DN with the OP-1 to use the OP-1s tape tracks in addition to the DNs tracks. The OP-1 should be going into the DN to use the DNs effects on the input.

Would I be good to go with a MIDI hub and just plugging the OP-1 in the inputs of the DN? Any problems with the MIDI clock as the OP-1s is not the most stable? Any experience with that setup is appreciated!



the oldschool way would be to press play simultaneously on both devices :grimacing:
I mainly did this when I used the OP1 with the OT


If you do use midi, you can also use the OP-1 keyboard to play the DN.


Good idea! Any recommendations for a solid midi hub for that? I bet connecting it directly via USb won’t work, will it?

No, direct won’t work, as neither is a midi host. You’ll need something like a retrokits rk005, or a Kenton midi host. You could also hook them both up to an iPad or iPhone and use that as the host, just to see if you like the setup, before buying a hardware host.


That’s a good idea, I’ll try that! Many thanks! :slight_smile:

It’s okay to just manually hit play in time on the op-1, as it is very easy to navigate and retrigger the tape, but midi on the op-1 is kind of a hassle. On a side note, some of the op-1 synth engines really shine and open up when you run them trough the DNs effects, that is probably my favorite thing about using these two devices together.


I would also recommend the rk005, I use it with the octatrack and the OP-1 as slave.


Awesome to know, thanks Python! Do you connect the OP-1 to both inputs or is one input enough as the OP-1 is mostly mono?

I had the two going together at one point. I connected the OP-1 to my computer to get MIDI going to and from it (I don’t have a USB MIDI host), then connected the DN MIDI in to my audio interface. this allowed me to sync the OP-1 to the DN and get MIDI notes from the OP-1 into the DN (i.e. use OP-1 keyboard to play both it and the DN). I think I used MIDI Patchbay on Mac to connect them and do some filtering (as obviously there’s a MIDI loop there).

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I use both inputs. Firstly because I like to just play the synth engines on the op-1 (or both the melodic and drum sample engines) using also the master fx slot from the op-1. Master fx are stereo and the nitro filter and cwo sound great in stereo. Even the harsh string reverb sounds a lot better in stereo when applied subtly, especially in combination with more aggressive drive on the master out of the op-1.
When I use the tape, I usually got tracks 1 and 2 panned left and right. Lately I’ve been recording a synth melody or chord progression on track 1, messed with the knobs just a bit and recorded the same melody or chord progression on track 2. This gives a really nice stereo effect, at the cost of sacrificing one of the four tracks of course.

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Yeah I’ve been thinking about the Master Stereo Effect as well - that’s good to have your insights. Guess I’ll dive into my cable box and check for the right stereo cable. Many thanks again for sharing all of these insights and tips!

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Midi noob, not sure where I’m going wrong!

I want to control DT with OP-1 using a MacBook as the midi host.
Both devices connected via usb hub.
Digitone set to receive midi notes through usb input.
In macOS, open audio midi setup>midi studio and connected as in pic

if I enable midi test, I hear op-1’s output
Digitone doesn’t make a sound, I’ve tried every channel setting on the OP-1

Does midi studio not work as a midi host?

Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 12.25.19|690x408

It does not route the MIDI messages from one device to the other.

If you don’t have any MIDI-capable software already you might consider trying something like MIDIpipe.

Thanks, I’ll check that out.

Reviving this now that we have the OP-1 Field, which can sync to the Digitone via USB cable now.

I find they sync perfectly, and if you set the OP-1’s MIDI out to CH 10, you can control the DN via its autochannel, use the OP-1 arpeggiator, etc.

I wonder if the DN’s headphone out is good enough for recording into the OP-1, so you can keep sending the DN’s main outputs to a mixer/monitors?

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Yeah I can imagine that the Field will bring new options here. I will stick to my OG OP-1 due to the price point of the field but I’m definitely impressed by all the advantages it brings. And it sounds really nice

In theory the Field should also receive audio via USB, but it doesn’t work with the Digis yet.

But even so, four stereo tracks on the OP-1 and four tracks on the Digitone seems like a perfect match.

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Yes, imho it’s fine and nothing to worry about.
I sold my digitone before I got the op-1f, but I think they would make a very nice little team.


Yeah, with @darenager’s drum kits, it’s a killer combo. I’'m creating a drum-only pattern, with three tracks, recording to a single track on the OP-1 (and stereo, so it keeps the panning hats), then continuing.

Still not sure how to use the effects of one on the other without another in-between resampler, which is more complexity than I would like.