Digitone not recognised as Audio interface in OSX : FIXED


Hi All

Digitone running the new Overbridge beta, works great in Windows, my iMac won’t recognise it as an audio interface at all. It shows up as a midi source. I note the suggestion to make sure the drivers are not blocked in System Preferneces - Security but there isnt anythng in there to unblock, not even an option. Any suggestions please?



blocked extensions are only visible to ‘allow’ for a short while after boot - just in case you weren’t looking soon enough


That fixed it, thank you very much


Is there a way to combine overbridge and my normal lynx Aurora interface?


I’ve done it with my Focusrite. I have my Focusrite as the Audio Interface and the DT just as a sound module.


Thank you, I haven’t purchased it yet, but probably will within the next two weeks and then potentially digitakt as well after about a month of seeing how I like the elektron ecosystem. Overbridge is a big deal for me, as the lack of individual outs and being limited to two more inputs after running moog, eurorack and prophet in, I’d need 4 channels if I had both running. I wonder if it will be an issue with USB though as my mac only has usb c, and I’m not sure if a dongle/adapter would function, or not be supported as a hub.