Digitone midi OUT to my MoogSlimphatty module


Hello fellows!

Im using the TR-09 as the clock for my Digitone via midi IN, and I turned off the channels of midi OUT from the TR-09 to guarantee it doesnt control the notes on the Digitone (thats working really well!)

In addition, Im connecting via Midi OUT (on Digitone) to Midi IN (on Slimphatty) in order to sequence it from the Digitone, I’ve been trying for some good time here and I can’t make it work. (this is my issue)

Does anyone here knows what I can do to make it work?


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On Slim check what channel it’s on for “MIDI CH IN” and under MIDI SETUP make sure “MIDI IN” is set to either DIN or DIN/USB. On Digi make sure “Out Port Functionality” is set to MIDI, “Output To” set to either MIDI or MIDI+USB, then setup a MIDI track for the appropriate channel and put some trigs down. Enable “clock send” on digi to be able to sync slim lfo and arp…